G2 Crowd’s E-Signature Grid Report Ranks SignNow as a Market Leader

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading software review platform, collects opinions of users every year and makes ratings for the best software solutions and apps in different categories. Recently, the company published a rating for the best electronic signature software of the corporate sector within multiple categories.

SignNow is ahead of the traditional leader of the segment (DocuSign) in several important categories for users such as support team qualification, intuitive interface and ease of use, spread of administrative rights and capabilities, and ease of setup. We are proud to say, that during the 76 months of tireless research, 92% of users were ready to recommend SignNow to friends and colleagues.

Rating Methodology

This E-signature rating is based on user feedback that the G2 Crowd collected throughout October 16, 2017. The list included software products that during this time frame had received 10 or more reviews from companies with more than 1,000 employees.

In short, the Grid represents the democratic voice of real software users, not just a single subjective opinion of one analyst. A G2 Crowd rating of products, as well as vendors, is created based on an analysis of user reviews and the GitHub, LinkedIn and G2Crowd user community.

Therefore, this makes G2 Crowd research unbiased, relevant, and easy to check, while choosing software products for a business. The Grid may change over time, but that is exactly the point –  the products change, grow, and further develop, keeping today’s data relevant, up-to-date and accurate.

The Index of User Satisfaction

SignNow took third place on the list of 22 best software products for business; third place among the 67 solutions presented in Capterra list.

G2 Grid evaluated a number of eSignature platforms and found SignNow to be the best value for the price. Simply put, the Grid agrees that SignNow offers a straightforward user experience, seamless integration into Salesforce, and a simple way to set up templates and reuse them again effortlessly. It is obvious that as a result of choosing SignNow, the business representatives were happy that they saved money and time. This allowed them to redirect their team’s efforts into servicing actual clients rather than spending time on paperwork.

G2 Crowd rating takes into account how satisfied users are with their products and if they are ready to recommend them to friends and colleagues. For example, G2 Crowd makes lists of the best software in specific areas, tools for content management or CRM, and a global ranking of the best software available. We take great pride in the fact that our products help customers from all over the globe!

To view the E-Signature Grid® with the most recent data, please visit www.SignNow.com