Why is signNow important for real estate?

Whether you’re an agent, a client, a broker, or a seller, signNow can help you get paperwork signed in an efficient and timely manner. Many times, those in Real Estate will have to deal with several out-of-state clients, or sometimes international clients, which can complicate the document management process and make your workflows inefficient. However, switching to signNow’s eSignature solution boosts the eSigning process and increases efficiency for all senders and signers.


With signNow’s eSignature solution for real estate, you and your signers can use your iPad or mobile device to send, sign, and manage documents, making eSignatures more accessible and efficient for you and your business. signNow is currently ranked top mobile signing app in the app store, so start eSigning with us today.

Security and Compliance

signNow provides a document history where you can track the exact times a document was signed and submitted. Plus, signNow is ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS compliant for security assurance, which means that your eSignature is legally binding, and your documents are highly protected with anti-tampering evidence.


With signNow, you can select, store, retrieve, and archive data wherever you’re most comfortable. In addition, for security assurance, signNow stores your documents in the cloud for at least 7 years, so you won’t lose hold of them. signNow provides an easily accessible archiving document method, where you can store and search for past documents that may be of importance. For more information on how to archive and export your documents, visit here.

At signNow, we know signing documents in a timely manner is essential in the Real Estate world. That’s why we’ve made signNow easy to use, even on mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. signNow’s eSignature solution will open up new doors for you and your clients within the realm of Real Estate.

Sign up and signNow!

For more information on how to start a free signNow trial and get more contracts signed, visit signNow’s corporate site, or contact signNow’s Sales team here.