A quick guide to signNow’s eSignature and paperless signing

Are you interested in switching from paper-based processes to a digital company? With signNow’s eSignature solution, you can get legally binding and fully secure eSignatures from your customers, partners, investors, and employees within a few easy clicks.

In this article, we’ll break down all of signNow’s key features and present you a simple and easy guide to everything eSignature.

First, what’s signNow’s eSignature?

signNow is a legally-binding eSignature (electronic signature) application, that allows individuals and businesses to sign, send, and manage multiple documents anytime, anywhere. signNow offers several partner integrations that allow you to manage your documents all on one platform, such as Salesforce or G Suite. Watch our video below on how to sign your first e-document:

How to sign your first electronic document? 

Second, what kind of plan do you need?

signNow offers Business, Business Premium, and Enterprise plans for individuals and organizations. For larger enterprises, signNow comes as a part of the airSlate Business Cloud solution. To learn more about the specific signNow plans, pricing, and features, visit signNow’s pricing page.

Third, does signNow have any integration features?

Yes! signNow offers dozens of partner integrations, including Salesforce, Netsuite, Egnyte, G Suite, Oracle, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Gmail, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zapier, and many more. signNow’s integrations allow users to send contracts and manage team documents all in one platform.

Watch the video below to learn more about signNow’s integration options:

Fourth, what are signNow’s specific key features?

  1. Templates

Templates save you time by making it easy to setup and reuse a document. After you’ve setup your document and saved it as a template, you can create copies of that template, which you can send to signers for their signature.

  1. Creating a Team

You can create signNow Teams for individual departments within your organization, like HR, Legal, and Sales. You can also create separate signNow Teams that include members from multiple departments.

  1. Audit Trail

If you ever need to legally enforce your document, you can quickly and easily check all document changes and signing events by downloading the full audit trail for each of your documents.

  1. Signing and Getting eSignatures

After you have edited and saved a document, you are now able to send the document to someone for completion. Click onto the ‘Invite to Sign’ button and start personalizing the signing invitation for your recipient.

  1. iOS, Android, iPad, or iPhone

You can use signNow on the go with our iOS and Android applications. signNow has been the top ranked eSignature app in the Apple App store for 3 years! You can find the apps here: iPhone, iPad and Android.

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