Obvious benefits from built-in eSignature for businesses of all sizes and sectors

It’s 2018, and the amount of businesses announcing that they’re “Going Green” or “Going Paperless” is increasing by the day. This is due to the many obvious benefits that adopting eSignature technology provides, not least of which is the fact that eSignatures have long been acknowledged as both legally binding and court-admissible. Thus, it’s no surprise businesses across all sectors are switching from traditional paperwork to eSigning platforms.

But some businesses are deciding to take it a step further – by fully integrating eSigning into their CRM, ERP, apps and everyday workflow. But what exactly is leading businesses to adopt such drastic changes?

To better understand this, let’s take a look at how signNow customers use eSignatures to improve their businesses and optimize their daily workflow.

1. A legally admissible and fully valid eSignature for MetLife and ABC Legal

For some companies, paperwork does not play a major role. For other companies, document management is the core of all business operations.

For legal advisers and insurers, there are two must-haves when it comes to e-signing:

  • Absolute compliance and legal admissibility
  • Complete data security on both sides of the eSigning process.

MetLife, one of the largest global providers of insurance services, decided to replace DocuSign with signNow’s more efficient API backend solution. MetLife now uses signNow over 250,000 times annually to provide their well-trusted Property and Casualty services with a legally binding and internationally compliant e-signature.

ABC Legal, the Seattle-based legal services provider, did some thorough research before investing in built-in eSignature technology. What ABC Legal was looking for was the compliance & security features that signNow just so happened to offer: Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), oAuth 2.0 authorization method, SOC 2 Type II certification and compliance with GDPR and CFR regulations.

2. A user-friendly mobile solution for PepelWerk

Nowadays mobility is a must-have for any truly competitive business.

PepelWerk is known by many as the closest competitor to Linkedin which means the company has to respond to challenges in the global labor market with lightning speed.

To PepelWerk, signNow was the most efficient digital solution to help improve their recruitment and HR management. In short, signNow offered the eSignature API solution that could cover their entire employment lifecycle.

What PepelWerk especially liked about this solution was the fact that it  works well with any mobile device. It is also very easy to use, no matter what your professional background is or your level of technological expertise.

3. Convenient and quick bulk sending for SportsForms

SportsForms provides electronic services to managers of sports teams, athletic clubs, tournament organizers and even to entire sports leagues. Their service includes electronic completion of various sports-related documents (players’ contracts, codes of conduct, medical waivers, insurance forms etc.). These documents can be signed by dozens of users in a matter of minutes.

With signNow’s REST API, SportsForms got a built-in solution which is now stable and yet flexible at the same time. This solution works especially well for SportsForms because it’s user friendly, it works on any type of device and it’s secure and compliant with all regulations in the field of sports.

Now all players signing paperwork with SportsForms, through signNow’s integration, can spend less time on paperwork, and more on their profession –  playing sports. At the same time, sports managers now have an extra opportunity to keep track of timely document preparation with SignNow’s instant tracking of a document’s status and detailed audit logs.

I want to incorporate eSigning into my business workflow. How do I do this?

The amount of time needed to develop an individual signNow API solution into your business can take from several days to several months. It depends  on the size of the business, among other factors.

First, you need to contact your signNow sales manager to describe the problem you are facing and how you wish to solve it. You will then be contacted by our developers with a detailed description of all the possible options. Once the built-in solution is ready for installation, signNow solution engineers will carefully instruct you on the use of our product through testing.

If you have in-house developers of your own, they may be interested to study our API Library and Documentation. signNow provides open access to quite a lot of developers’ tools.

According to the G2 Crowd Grid Report of the Summer of 2018, signNow scores 9.56 out of 10 in satisfaction rankings. Positive votes for integrations and APIs are at 89%. This is one of the highest indicators in the market of e-signatures today. 66% of all SignNow clients can use it in less than a day from implementation, and 27% – in less than a month. Such impressive statistics clearly demonstrate that SignNow can offer a convenient and comprehensive solution. Moreover, it is adjustable to the needs and requirements of any business.