December webinars on how to get the most out of SignNow!


Thanksgiving break is over and Christmas is on its way. So we’re getting back to our SignNow 101 course for all new customers of SignNow and also for all those still considering e-signature options available on the market.

On Tuesday, December 11, we’ll be having the webinar “Learn How to Get the Most Out of SignNow”, which will be covering the following key points:

  • How to get all of your team members onboard with SignNow as quickly as possible;
  • Detailed demonstrations of all key features within your SignNow account and tips from developers on how to use them in the quickest and most effective way possible;
  • SignNow integrations with the most popular CRM systems and cloud storages.

This webinar will be conducted by our Lead Service Engineer Christian Parkourana.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about how to use SignNow to best benefit your business, this is the perfect time and place to get all the answers you need!

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On Thursday, December 13, we’ll be having a webinar for our more advanced users – “Using SignNow with Salesforce”.

During this webinar, you’ll get to see for yourself how easy it is to create and manage a complex e-signature workflow directly in your Salesforce account.

If you’re already using Salesforce for closing your deals, this webinar will be a great opportunity to ask and get answers on why integrating e-signing into your Salesforce operations is so important.

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Both webinars are free of charge, last no more than 60 minutes and once registered, you’ll also get the replay access option for yourself and your team!