The latest insights on the market of e-signature solutions. What can we expect in 2018?

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Ken Grohe, President at SignNow, shares his vision of the product formula for enterprise solutions in his most recent interview with SuperbCrew.

Grohe explains what pain points can easily be solved with SignNow. The ability to sign documents is available on any device, so clients can finally let themselves work on-the-go. This aspect is equally important for both one-man-companies and large enterprises. SignNow provides an API to quickly deploy the benefits of e-signatures into organizations with hundreds of employees.

Besides an intuitive user experience, business owners are looking for the highest possible level of security in the cloud. Thousands of emails, payment processing, and personal data in documents, must be protected at all costs. Otherwise, you cannot build trust as an SaaS provider.

By including Advanced Threat Protection in SignNow, we ensure that your security cannot be breached. For a comparison, one of our competitors was breached last May,” Grohe adds.

Learn more about the differences between SignNow and Docusign. Discover how you can use an e-signature solution to automate inbound business transactions and optimize your customers’ experience in the full interview.

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