How to Stay #CyberAware with SignNow’s E-Signature Software

The web can be a dangerous place, but there are steps you can take to secure your information and protect your identity, even when on-the-go. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so it’s time for your organization to evaluate its cyber security measures and take new methods under consideration, like SignNow’s e-signature solution.

At SignNow, implementation of our e-signature solution will give you full document protection and cyber attack prevention, so that your company will be prepared to combat any cyber attack incident or ransomware threat thrown your way. Here are a few of SignNow’s top e-signature security features to help you stay #CyberAware for not only this year, but forever:

SignNow’s multi-factor authentication system.

SignNow provides multi-factor authentication for web and mobile users, including fingerprint login verification, password recovery, SMS code or voicemail verification, and more. SignNow’s flexible authentication system provides automated security processes so that your company’s data is always protected and validated.

Additionally, SignNow offers options for in-person signing, including SMS passwords or signing links sent to a personal mobile device to verify user authentication – free of charge! Read more about our signing links for iOS devices here, and in-person signing features for Android devices here.

SignNow offers a complete audit trail.

After evaluating your organization’s user authentication system, it’s important that you evaluate your document’s audit trail, and embed it into the e-signature process. With SignNow, our audit trails track all document history and user activity, including IP addresses and time/date stamps. SignNow’s audit trails create a self-contained, automated record of your company’s document history, as well as has the ability to index, store, and retrieve any e-signed document of your choice.

SignNow has tamper-evident e-signature software.

At the e-signature level, SignNow’s tamper-evident technology prevents all tampering with your e-signature, and also tamper proofs your e-signed document so that unauthorized modifications can’t be made. SignNow adds a digital encryption to each and every e-signature on your document, in order to build a more comprehensive audit trail with the date and time addresses of all applied e-signatures.

With SignNow, your organization will be able to electronically sign with confidence, and avoid all phishing attempts, ransomware threats, or malware attacks thrown your way. Fully celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month feeling #CyberAware!