How to utilize signNow’s security features

With signNow’s eSignature solution, your documents will always stay protected from identity theft, ransomware attempts, or malware threats. From our advanced threat protection and API features to our comprehensive audit trails and double factor authentication, your organization’s security is our main priority. Read about our top security features at signNow below:


Dual Factor Authentication:

Dual factor authentication is when your signer must securely login an additional time before they can access the document. This ensures that the signer is in fact the correct person and enhances security for your document. This feature can be enabled through advanced settings when sending an invite.

Authentication Timeout:

The authentication timeout feature is a new addition to our system since the latest iOS update. It can be enabled so that your signer must re-login every set period of time. The time can be customized on signNow. This will ensure a higher level of security for your document and the sensitive information it may hold.

Advanced Threat Protection:

Advanced threat protection protects enterprise account documents by ensuring that links have not been tampered with.

Document History:

You can download a full audit trail that will show who signed the document and when. The document history will show exact timestamps that can be used for security of the document and signer – something that can’t be done by signing documents by hand.

Cloud Retention:

With signNow, your information will be stored in the cloud for at least 7 years, ensuring that your documents will always be protected and won’t get lost. Cloud retention allows you to breathe easy knowing that your documents will always be backed up and secure. You can set cloud retention to be as short or as long as you want, contact us for information.

Barracuda Network Security:

Barracuda Networks is known for its utmost security and safety. All documents and data are encrypted while in transit and at rest using our state of the art encryption technology. Leading the internet in a safer direction, it takes signNow to a level of security unlike any other eSignature company out there. Being aware of the benefits of an eSignature backed by Barracuda Networks will make you feel at ease when sending and signing sensitive information.

Disaster Recovery:

At signNow, we ensure that your documents are secure and protected – which is why we have a detailed disaster recovery plan. Your documents are always safe in the hands of signNow by barracuda. If something occurred to your document and you are in need of disaster recovery, or for more information, contact us.

SignNow’s top security features can’t be beat. For more information and questions on these security features, check out our corporate site and SignNow University