Manage eSignature Workflows with Team Members Using a Single SignNow Subscription

eSign, customize and collaborate on your documents with up to five members of your team or department using a single subscription. Generate fillable forms, request data or eSignatures from your clients and business partners and retain full control over your document’s status by setting access permissions for each member of your team. Work together and oversee any modifications made by your team members from any Internet connected device. Collect electronic signatures, client data and related payments quickly and easily.

SignNow made it easy to create teams for individual departments such as HR, Legal or Sales. You can also create separate teams that include members from multiple departments within your organization. For example, you can restrict access to contracts for certain individuals, while sharing them with the rest of your team.

As a team admin, you can manage and create templates for other team members and monitor the status of documents that have been sent out for signing. The team admin can also add and remove people from their team in the admin console.

Find the Admin Console in the bottom left area of your SignNow dashboard.

Manage eSignature workflows

Use the admin console to manage, sign, send, and monitor all team activity. Below are some additional benefits that the admin console offers:

  • Handle license agreements.
  • Work independently from the team structure.
  • Add or remove people from your team.
  • More freedom and independence in terms of managing and organizing team documents at your discretion.
  • View your team’s documents and edit the documents within the admin console.

Users that are not part of your team will need to have an assigned license in order to upload and send documents. Without an assigned license, they will only have viewing capabilities on your document.
Save time and improve your document management using a single SignNow subscription. Get started right away and see if this is the right solution for your business with our free trial.