15+ Best contract management software solutions for teams and businesses

Top contract management software solutions

Teams and businesses looking for the best contract management software should look no further than this detailed list of examples. Whether your concern is budgeting or the functionality of features, you’ll find the right choice for your business.

Let’s talk about contract management software

For businesses, contract management software works by bringing together all parties and versions of a contract participating in a contract’s negotiation and its creation. 

Contract management software helps businesses create, negotiate, version, approve, execute, and renew legal agreements. 

This software works across multiple teams and departments of your business to ensure everything is secure. Security is one of the most prominent challenges businesses face dealing with legal documents. 

A contract management solution for managing document security uses well-equipped cloud-based contract management software to keep all your legal documents safe. In addition, the contract management process helps overcome challenges by having encryption, redundancy, and virus detections that give way to a unified platform for your documents.

The 15+ Best contract management software solutions

To help you find the best contract management solutions, we compiled a list of providers based on their key features, security, and other features to maximize the user experience. 

First things first, let’s go through what other users (on G2) have rated these tools:

Starting price (billed annually)Free trialOperating systemG2 rating
signNow$8/user/moYesCloud, SaaS, Web-based,
On-premise (Windows, Linux), iOS, Android
4.6 / 5.0
CobbleStone$59/user/monthYesCloud, SaaS, Web-based, On-premise (Windows, Linux), iOS, Android4.7 / 5.0
ContractNow$995/monthYesCloud, SaaS, Web-basedN/A
DealHubUpon requestNoCloud, SaaS, Web-based4.7 / 5.0
PandaDoc$19/user/moYes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-based, iOS, Android4.7 / 5.0
DottedSign$8/user/moNoCloud, SaaS, Web-based,
Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), iOS, Android
4.7 / 5.0
Сoncord$17/user/moYes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-based, iOS, Android4.2 / 5.0
(single user)
Yes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-based,
Desktop (Windows, macOS), iOS, Android
4.5 / 5.0
JuroUpon requestNoCloud, SaaS, Web-based, iOS, Android4.7 / 5.0
ContractWorks$600/moYesCloud, SaaS, Web-based,
Desktop (Windows, macOS)
4.8 / 5.0
Flair.hrUpon requestYes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-based,
4.6 / 5.0
IronCladUpon requestNoCloud, SaaS, Web-based4.3 / 5.0
Trackado$39/moYes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-based4.0 / 5.0
ContractSafe$299/moYes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-based, iOS, Android4.5 / 5.0
DocuCollabUpon requestYes, Free planCloud, SaaS, Web-basedN/A
IcertisUpon requestNoCloud, SaaS, Web-based,
On-premise (Windows, Linux)
4.3 / 5.0

Please note that these ratings could either be inflated or deflated by a lack of user reviews. It is better to try out the tools for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

1. signNow

signNow contract management software

signNow offers more than an enterprise-grade eSignature and document workflow automation solution. As your business grows, signNow’s functionality scales to stay in sync with that growth – and contract management is no exception. Whether you are sending documents to be signed or signing your own documents, signNow helps accelerate approval workflows. 

Pros: PDF editing and contract management using third-party integrations – for instance, Salesforce integration. There is a 7-day free trial.

Cons: Limited to 100 signature invites per user per year (after that you have to go onto a pay-as-you-go contract).

Pricing: Starts at $8/month/user and reaches up to $50/month/user depending on the features you require.

2. CobbleStone

CobbleStone contract management software

CobbleStone offers a very user-friendly, end-to-end contract lifecycle management system that has been selected by thousands of users worldwide. CobbleStone Contract Insight has won numerous industry awards due to its ease-of-use and ability to set up fast. CobbleStone has the ability to automate and streamline the request, approvals, and contract authoring processes with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. CobbleStone AI also includes contract data extraction.

CobbleStone Contract Insight contract management software offers integrated electronic signatures to allow users to oversee the full signature process with an easy-to-understand dashboard and proactive alerts.

Pros: Provides full contract lifecycle management including request, approvals, authoring, negotiations, electronic signatures, compliance, and reporting. CobbleStone includes unlimited contract storage.

Cons: Offers a very flexible system that will require some admin user training.

Pricing: Starts at $59 per user per month with options to grow with Named or Concurrent User licenses with unlimited contract storage.

3. ContractNow

Contract Now

ContractNow is a contract management solution for any business looking to use a cloud-based contract repository service. When using ContractNow, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips for managing contracts. This contract management platform includes unlimited eSignatures and reporting for contract agreements. 

Pros: Easy to run reports based on your business’s criteria rather than predetermined criteria. Gives you the freedom to customize your contracts. 

Cons: Capterra user ratings state that customization of templates and editing is complex with ContractNow. 

Pricing: $995/month (paid annually) for unlimited contracts and unlimited access to all the features.

4. DealHub


DealHub makes contract creation easy by allowing users to create, edit, and collaborate on the DealHub platform. A key feature is contract lifecycle management. As a result, you can collaborate directly with your customers and work on any revisions together. 

Pros: Clients can add electronic signatures right on the document after approval. 

Cons: Some issues when integrating the software with third-party applications.

Pricing: Not available on the website. You need to talk to their sales team to come up with a price.

5. PandaDoc

PandaDoc contract management software

PandaDoc is one of the most helpful contract management solutions in today’s digital age. This platform allows you to work through contract creation while customizing and eSigning digital documents. PandaDoc is also used for contract drafting and contract negotiation. 

One of the PandaDoc’s key features is contract renewal, which alerts you when you have to renew a contract. Another feature allows users to leave comments throughout a contract before signing. This feature helps you comb through the original document to ensure it is signature-worthy. 

PandaDoc is a trusted contract lifecycle management software that supports almost any type of business and assists in contract approval before it’s sent to a client for signature. 

Pros: Supports multiple different types of documents with contract approval, like Word and PDF files. 

Cons: Steep learning curve, particularly when learning all of the features that PandaDoc provides for complex contracts since there’s a wide range of features. 

Pricing: PandaDoc has a Free plan with limited functionality. The Essentials plan for individuals starts from $19/user/mo. The price for teams and businesses ranges up to $49. With the option to create a custom pricing plan that suits your needs.

6. DottedSign

DottedSign contract management software

DottedSign allows you to multitask while working on documents by having them all in one place. You’re able to track document progress in real-time with the help of document delivery and flow automation. It also allows you to electronically sign documents and contracts in an efficient and completely legal way.

Pros: DottedSign is easy to use and allows for the safe, legal signing of electronic documents.

Cons: The free version is limited in its functionality and the lower-priced plans only offer a very limited amount of storage space.

Pricing: The pricing plans start at $8/month. Although there is a completely free version with limited functionality.

7. Concord

Concord contract management software

Concord is one of the most reliable contract management systems, including pre-approved contract creation templates. 

Every team can work on contracts on the same contract management platform. Whether you are in sales, procurement, legal, HR, finance, or marketing, you can collaborate with anyone and negotiate terms with different teams. 

With online contract negotiation, the entire contract lifecycle will have organized comments, redlines, and edits directly on the document. 

Pros: Users appreciate the document automation and tagging system that allows users to access specific files and make necessary changes. 

Cons: While everyone collaborating has access to the document on the platform, the features are more suited for legal professionals with a background in contract management tools. 

Pricing: Prices for businesses range from $17 to $49 per month (billed annually) and there is an Enterprise option that comes with a custom quote.

8. DocuSign

DocuSign contract management software

Although there are many alternatives that have tried to compete, DocuSign is still one of the best contract lifecycle management software tools for small businesses. 

DocuSign is a contract lifecycle management software that includes key features like reusable templates, recipient reminders, payment collection, comment notifications, and a content repository for contracts. 

Pros: Customers enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee if they aren’t happy. This feature gives customers an introduction to DocuSign without any risks involved. 

Cons: There are occasional problems with syncing contracts. The initial workflow on DocuSign is challenging to set up. 

Pricing: DocuSign pricing starts with a personal plan for $10 for a single user. A standard plan for $25 per month for up to five users. A business-pro plan for $40 per month and per user for up to five users.

9. Juro

Juro contract management software

Juro is the best free option for teams and businesses to manage contracts that gives users the same functionality as many similar software tools. 

Some key features of this free plan include one template and template editor, internal commenting for editing contracts, external negotiation, and eSignatures. These features help you with contract creation and getting through the approval process. 

Pros: A free plan for up to 50 contracts a year. 

Cons: Inability to send the same contract to multiple people simultaneously, which is time-consuming for businesses. 

Pricing: There are three tiers: Lite, Team, and Scale. You can get a quote from their sales team based on your needs.

10. ContractWorks

ContractWorks contract management software

ContractWorks helps you stay organized with your documents and minimize the risk of security breaches. You’ll be able to store all your contracts in one location while retaining quick access to each record. 

With ContractWorks’ new artificial intelligence feature, you can tag your contracts and locate them based on predetermined criteria. Artificial intelligence makes it easy to identify and tag any document you need. 

Pros: The software is easy to use and users can create detailed reports and run them through their business in minutes. 

Cons: Larger organizations have problems with this software because of flaws in version control. For many, revisions aren’t an option. You will need to restart the contract creation process if issues with the original document arise. 

Pricing: Teams and businesses would pay between $600 to $1,000 a month for unlimited access to key features.

11. Flair.hr

FlairHR contract management software

Although Flair.hr is predominantly used as an HR software, it does have features for document management as well as contract management within its employee hub and applicant tracking system. 

Flair manages complex documents while safeguarding your secure information. You’ll have access to features that suit your unique needs and transform your company and employee documents so that they are ready to be signed and delivered. 

Pros: Manages complex documents and contracts throughout the employee onboarding process and beyond.

Cons: No functionality for adding an electronic signature.

Pricing: Starts at 3€/month/employee and reaches a maximum price of 7€/month/employee.

12. IronClad

IronClad contract management software

IronClad has an easy-to-use user interface, which makes this software suitable for everyone with limited technical knowledge. 

A key feature of these contract templates is that the software allows for built-in editing, redlining, and auditing capabilities to give you an easy workflow. The editing feature allows for accepting and rejecting modifications and previewing an unofficial document before it goes to a client for signature. 

Pros: IronClad guarantees that contracts will be safely stored and processed in the databases you’re already using. 

Cons: IronClad only works with .DOCX files. There is no option for eSignatures, which makes online creation and contract negotiation your only options before sending them to clients.

Pricing: Not available on the website.

13. Trackado

Trackado contract management software

Trackado is software that gives you access to a central database for storing, searching, and retrieving all previously stored contracts. In addition, this software uses a central document repository for remotely accessing your documents. 

The central document repository helps you quickly search for your contacts by category. In addition, financial terms and payment obligations are saved for each new and pre-existing contract. 

Pros: Trackado is easy to use due to its user interface layout and functional display of important information and contact details. 

Cons: The notification alerts for contract renewals are confusing and set up for reminders. 

Pricing: Trackado includes a free monthly plan with full access to one user. A starter plan is $39/month for 3 users. A business plan is $129/month for 8 users, and an Enterprise plan is $299/month for 25 users.

14. ContractSafe

ContractSafe contract management software

Store and manage all your contracts with ContractSafe, an all-in-one contract management solution for all users. 

One of this software’s most prominent key features is data encryption and version control. As a result, your documents are always kept safe from malware, viruses, and intrusion-detection capabilities keep your complex contracts safe. 

Never miss an upcoming deadline, termination, or contract renewal. ContractSafe has a feature that will send out a reminder to you and your team. 

Pros: Whether your team is large or small, this software supports an unlimited number of users. Users rank this as an advantage because you can assign roles to all of your team members. 

Cons: Spreadsheets that don’t offer functionality for editing existing contracts. 

Pricing: ContractSafe offers a basic plan that starts from $299 per month for teams and businesses of 500 users. There’s also an $899 per month plan for at least 5,000 active team users as well as a pricing plan that ranges from $499 to $699.

15. DocuCollab

DocuCollab contract management software

DocuCollab features electronic signatures, document collaboration features, and workflow management for teams and businesses. When using DocuCollab you can easily automate contract management, taking the weight off of your employees’ shoulders.

Pros: It is an easy-to-use platform that you can access from anywhere. 

Cons: Security vulnerabilities are the most significant disadvantage of DocuCollab. 

Pricing: No prices are present on the website. You can easily try out the software through a demo or by signing up for a free trial.

16. Icertis

Icertis contract management software

Icertis Software is a contract management software solution that alters the boundaries of the entire contract lifecycle. There are ways to speed up the contract application process by providing users with templates and access to clause libraries. 

Some contract management features on Icertis include contract setup, a collaboration portal for teams to use, and obligation management. 

This software delivers the entire contract lifestyle:

  • From contract creation and through to the process of contract authoring
  • The contract approval process
  • Contract negotiations 

Pros: All contracts are in one place so users can manage and edit documents for contract approval. 

Cons: Steep learning curve when it comes to getting the most out of all of the features.

Pricing: Pricing information for teams and businesses is not available on their website.

Final Thoughts

When going through this list of contract management software, you’re going to be able to find the best choice for your business. It’s important to note that a thorough analysis of features, integrations, and user experiences is vital before choosing a platform. 

Don’t hesitate to try out multiple platforms and compare them to figure out the right one for you. 

The right tool for you and your business will depend on your end goals and the features and functions that are needed to get you there.

Accelerate your contract management lifecycle with the best solution for your business