Helping is easy with signNow: make charity a part of your business

business charity

No matter what size your business is, opportunities to help those in need are everywhere! Charity has already become a part of modern business philosophy. With signNow’s web and mobile applications, running your charity program is simple and safe to organize and manage. Become a hero for someone, let your business make the world better!

Perks of business charity initiatives

Emphasize your business values 

Choose the organization or fund that correlates with your business’ values. Philanthropic initiatives can become a natural extension to a business and increase exposure on the topical issues it addresses. Singling out a charity to support based on your company’s values reinforces your brand image and effectively raises trust between customers and your company.

Engage your clients with charitable initiatives

Turn the attention of your customers to a problem, increase awareness, and make your brand symbolic in dealing with a challenge. Easily include clients of your business in a contribution. The idea that they buy a service or product they need while simultaneously helping make someone’s life better is inspiring to customers. Give them a chance to help and attract more people to your charity!

Reduced tax liability 

Tax deductions are available to businesses actively involved in charitable efforts. For a small business, charitable activity can be a critical way to save money while developing and expanding its philanthropic initiatives. Cash, equipment, and property, helping reliable organizations, travel expenses, all of these can be deducted if the applicable rules are followed. Learn more on tax deductions in our Summertime tips for serenity tax article!

Organize donations the smart way with signNow

Collect donations simply and securely

Initiate a donation gathering and automate the entire process in signNow. Create a donation form with an appeal for help and collect payments from recipients directly in the form. Use the Bulk Invite feature to share a request with multiple people and make the donation process easy and pleasant. Gather all donations instantly and safely via Stripe.

business charity

Unite volunteers in a team

Create a signNow team to share documents, updates, and events with your local superheroic volunteers. signNow team options allow everybody to remain informed, gather their comments, create common donation forms, and set reminders. Even superheroes need a smart tool to collaborate effectively! 

business charity

Control your charity initiatives remotely

Stay connected with your volunteers, collect donations, track activity, and even launch new donation campaigns using the signNow application. Simplify tasks for volunteers, get notified, and control your initiatives from anywhere. 

business charity

Automating philanthropic processes allows you to concentrate on your business and continue helping those in need. Doing good has never been easier. Develop your business while helping with donations and making clients aware of your brand’s philanthropy using signNow’s advanced opportunities.