How Vital Wave helps businesses improve their document workflows using the SignNow API integration

How Vital Wave helps businesses use signNow API integration
How Vital Wave helps businesses use signNow API integration

Michael Brown’s relationship with SignNow began when his company, SportsForms, was looking for a way to digitize their signature collection process. After finding success with the SignNow API integration, both for SportsForms itself and for its customers, Brown saw an opportunity to help other enterprises benefit from embracing digital solutions, too. Thus, Vital Wave became what it is today. Through Vital Wave’s expertise using the SignNow API and in digital implementation, they have helped their clients in various industries amplify the reach and efficacy of their programs. 

We talked to Brown to learn more.

The power of the SignNow API integration

“We became experts in using the API to our advantage.” 

– Michael Brown, founder of SportsForms and Vital Wave

“When we started using the SignNow API, we really dove in and took a look at what we could do from all angles, how far we could take the customization, and how much data we could gather to inform our business decisions,” says Brown. “We became experts in using the API to our advantage.” 

As previously mentioned, Brown transformed his SportsForms business when he began utilizing SignNow. He was able to digitize permission slips and other  paperwork that come hand-in-hand with youth sports organizations, and even used their digital capabilities as a selling point when marketing the company.  However, he realized that using signNow on its own was just scratching the surface. 

“The abilities you have through the direct SignNow interface work well for a lot of customers,” explains Brown. “There are big advantages to using the API, though. To be able to customize and make it a more lightbox solution, especially from a branding perspective and a flexibility standpoint – that’s major.” 

Brown has learned that using an API gives you the flexibility to fit various different business needs. To be able to look through the customer’s eyes and understand what’s important and to use that as a basis for implementing changes is critical. Customizing and modifying via an API is an efficient way to solve business problems, and Brown is eager to bring that knowledge to his customers.

Teaming up with SignNow

Because Brown was a sort of SignNow API power user, he was frequently having conversations with his SignNow support team. He began making connections and talking to signNow folks about what it would look like to branch out and offer IT services. 

“I started asking, ‘what could a partnership with signNow look like?’. That was the impetus for starting Vital Wave. The whole idea is that we have the API expertise and we can help others build out and implement SignNow.” 

– Michael Brown, founder of SportsForms and Vital Wave

For medium to large companies looking to implement eSignature packages into their existing workflows, Vital Wave helps customers understand what their systems are now, what changes may need to be made, and what would need to be done from an integrations piece. The key to this is understanding all the components that make up your workflow. 

“We learned the hard way that it is not easy to track every step from document request to document generation to status of doc to doc completion. It’s even harder to know what to do with all those pieces from start to finish,” says Brown. “Figuring that out was important and will be important for others as well.”

What Vital Wave can help customers solve through the SignNow API 

Whenever you deal with moving paperwork, you will run into issues. To get around that, the power of eSignature plus the flexibility of using an API to fit various business needs is key. 

“Our customers want to make their workflows more efficient, or add a layer of security, or an additional service they don’t currently have,” says Brown of Vital Wave. “An example is hospitals sending docs for eSign prior to treatment, which can save a lot of time and increase efficiency. Being able to customize in this way is a game-changer in taking processes from days to minutes and reducing human error.” 

Vital Wave takes a holistic, soup-to-nuts approach with their customers, always basing decisions on data, modifying workflows to fit the exact needs of each individual customer, and working towards a specific goal (whether it’s increased security, a more profitable bottom line, or more efficiency). 

What’s next for Vital Wave?

Brown credits the SignNow API with helping to sharpen his business skills. With Vital Wave, he’s been able to learn about a lot of businesses and pain points and how eSignature implementation can drive significant, positive changes across all types of industries. 

Vital Wave will continue to talk to potential customers about the pros and cons of using an eSignature platform and what that can mean for increases in efficiencies and profits. And as technology advances, there’s an opportunity to get even more robust with business growth via customizable workflows. 

“We’re excited about the continual evolution of signNow and adding things like SMS messaging and invites for docs. Being able to utilize a great partner like SignNow for those capabilities helps our business and, in turn, our customers’ businesses as well.” 

– Michael Brown, founder of SportsForms and Vital Wave
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Vital Wave used SignNow powered by AWS.

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