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Are your document processes digitized and optimized with eSignature?

With signNow’s eSignature solution, streamline your document workflows and seamlessly modify, send, approve, sign, and track change orders, proposals, contracts, and other documents.

Whether you’re building a football stadium, office building, or a residential home – you can boost productivity with signNow.


Complete contract lifecycles quicker by going paperless and onboard subcontractors faster. Leave the manual paperwork behind and focus on what matters most – winning more business and delighting customers.

Here’s what that looks like.

Let’s walk through a real-life example of how signNow helps accelerate document workflows for Construction.

Say hello to Kevin. Kevin is a construction manager running multiple jobs who receives countless requests throughout the day. There are change orders to approve, vendor contracts to send out, and supply orders to make. From managing licenses, plans, contractors, permits, and more, it can be difficult to keep processes and projects moving forward.

And the good news?

Construction management may be complex, but your contracts don’t have to be!

With signNow, Kevin is able to create and send contracts for eSignature in seconds and ensure his contracts are completed in a timely manner with signNow’s notifications and alerts. Plus, he keeps everything compliant with a court-admissible Audit Trail.

In fact, signNow now helps Kevin save time and money each and every day.

  • Eliminate 70% of document errors. With signNow’s signing guidance and fillable fields, Kevin gets documents completed accurately.
  • Collect signatures up to 5x faster. Kevin is able to speed up document turnaround times from days to minutes.
  • Save $24 per document. By eliminating printing, scanning, and shipping documents, Kevin is able to reduce costs.

But that’s not all!

Here are three things Kevin loves most about signNow:


Increased visibility and easy tracking: Kevin loves that he can effortlessly track document completion with automatic email notifications when a document is signed. And with signNow’s detailed, court-admissible Audit Trail, he can easily view and verify document status changes like who signed and when – no more driving across town to collect signatures!


Work uninterrupted: Kevin can quickly and securely edit and send his custom branded digital documents for signature. Best yet, signNow’s desktop solution is instantly synced with the mobile app. This means Kevin can start editing a document in the office and finish from the jobsite on his mobile phone, even while offline. All his data is instantly synced as soon as an internet connection is restored.


Keep business moving forward, even while on the go: With signNow, Kevin can create reusable templates from his most used documents and easily send them to his clients from his desktop or mobile device. This has allowed him to cut down the cost and time it takes to complete agreements and forms, whether he’s in the office, on the jobsite, or wherever his day takes him.

Wrapping up

Say goodbye to stacks of paper, error-ridden documents, and trying to locate the latest version of a proposal or contract.

Say hello to streamlined document workflows, faster project lifecycles, and a secure and compliant eSignature solution.

And did you know, signNow has integrations with Autodesk and Procore? Stay inside the tools you know and use with signNow for Construction.

Send and sign agreements quicker and onboard new subcontractors faster by streamlining your document workflows while keeping data secure so you can focus on winning more business!

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