5 Benefits of Using SignNow in the Healthcare Industry

e-signature security compliance

Сoncise time management and gilt-edged security are crucial for medical organizations and healthcare businesses which deal with sensitive client data exchange on a daily basis. It’s important to ensure that all client data is collected accurately, in due terms and that all precautions are taken to eliminate any tampering with the document whenever a patient intake form, medical prescription or provider agreement is processed.

With SignNow you’ll receive documents quickly and securely once all required fields are filled out and eSigned by your clients. Generate fillable forms, reports or agreements, request data or eSignatures from your clients and business partners and retain full control over your document’s status by setting access permissions for each signer. A single web-based fillable form and eSignature platform is all you need to create, send and receive documents electronically at your personal account. Collect legally binding digital signatures and request additional documents directly from your clients using any internet connected device.

Here are the 5 major benefits of choosing SignNow for medical organizations and healthcare businesses:


Because SignNow allows patients to submit their forms digitally, healthcare organizations can be sure that all their documents are legible and that all required information has been entered. As soon as a client opens a document, SignNow’s smart fillable fields wizard leads them through all the fields they need to fill out. You’ll also receive an email notification once a signer completes your form.

Time Saving

Сreate and collect electronic signatures for your documents faster than ever before. Enable patients to complete intake forms digitally, from anywhere. The process for creating a digital intake form is simple: create or upload a form to the SignNow online document editor, make specific fields fillable and then distribute the link so that patients can complete and sign your intake form on any internet-connected device, at home or on the go.


The US government gave electronic signatures legal equivalence to handwritten ones in 2000 with the ESIGN Act. Since then, millions of hospital forms, patient onboardings, billing and consent forms have been signed electronically from all around the world. All signatures added in SignNow are legally binding under the ESIGN Act.

SignNow is highly equipped to offer one of the most secure e-signature solutions available with SOC 2 Type II, which guarantees that a service organization meets or exceeds industry standards for security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality and privacy of a system. Once filled out and submitted, a document is stored in your personal SignNow account. At this stage, only you have access to the document which you can either share, email or print out from any internet connected device.

Save Money

Leading health plans and healthcare providers are using SignNow to move from inefficient, paper-based workflows to fully electronic processes. Save money on paper and related items while eliminating the financial burden of physical documents.

As an example, let’s examine the paper-based costs of a 20-person company. On average, the company signs 600 documents per month, which assumes that each employee signs about one document per day. The company manually files 300 documents, which is 50% of all documents, as well as scans 300 documents. After using an ROI calculator, we can determine that this company would most likely save about $10,000 per year on paper-based costs using SignNow. To learn how much your company can save, learn more about ROI’s here.

HIPAA Compliance

SignNow’s e-signature method is HIPAA compliant, and we’re committed to helping organizations meet compliance requirements across all health industry practices including health plans, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and providers by managing the signing process and ensuring that all information is authenticated and is kept safe.

Get accurate client data, save time and money and improve your document management while making sure your forms are collected and stored safely and securely. Start right away and see if this is the right solution for your business with SignNow’s free trial.