5 Tips for Perfecting Event Management

Poorly organized event management can undermine the authority of its host and potentially ruin the reputation of an event manager for years. As an event’s start date draws nearer, there are a number of simple processes that if followed, will help avoid problems down the line and ensure a successful and beneficial turnout for all parties involved.

Experienced event managers say that the key factors behind any well-organized event are: good targeting, ease of participant registration, timely and transparent agreements for all vendors and efficient collection of visitor feedback afterwards.

Using SignNow, professional event managers complete all these tasks with minimal time invested.

Send and Collect Customized Invitations

The planning of any event starts with promotion and distribution of invitations. SignNow event planners organize all their bulk mailings using customized document templates.

As soon as a recipient opens their invitation, the SignNow fillable fields wizard guides them through every step of online registration. After a document has been submitted, visitor data is stored in a separate folder created automatically in the user’s personal account.

Speed Up Your Event Management Logistics

Another important element of event management is the vendor floorplan which can include anyone from catering to stationary. This requires a number of contracts to be sent and signed using a variety of templates.

With SignNow, repetitive standard data is automatically inserted into templates. Users can then attach additional files, set signing expiration dates and monitor signing statuses online.

Personalize Application Forms for Specific Groups of Participants

Online registration forms must be highly customizable so as to be suited towards the specific participant category for which they are intended: members of a panel, key speakers, honorary guests, audience members, etc.

Event managers use Freeform invites in SignNow to design a separate template for each specific group of participants. Freeforms provide participants with the option to manually fill in only those fields they find necessary. Moreover, the participant can provide additional fields of information in the document if necessary. This saves time for both the sender and the recipient of the form.

Setup Fast Online Registration

Once an event begins, avoiding the hassle of long waiting lines is crucial. Event staff using iPads in SignNow’s Kiosk Mode to complete onsite registration can save everyone’s time and keep their spirits high. This is a quick and easy way to collect signatures and other registration data from all incoming participants.

Collect Follow-up and Feedback Using any Cloud Storage

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SignNow enables users to create professional looking fillable documents, collect e-signatures and accurate customer data, store documents in a protected personal account and access them from any internet connected device.
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