A Detailed Guide to SignNow’s E-Signature API

Did you know that about 90% of enterprise companies use API in their cloud integration? Enterprises will utilize a variety of API tasks, including messaging, database integration, and storage components. API’s are becoming highly important in businesses, but what exactly are they?

In this article, we’ll breakdown API concepts and how organizations use API to increase their day-to-day efficiency.

What exactly are APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces, a.k.a APIs, are tools that allow software developers to create and utilize programs. The advantages of APIs are that they can be used to save time when creating software. For example, Microsoft Windows uses API to allow developers to create a rich application and better user experience. APIs allow Windows to showcase a new form, perform an action (like when a user clicks a button), and to read and write data.

What are the benefits of SignNow’s API?

With SignNow’s API, developers can provision accounts, post documents, create signing invites, and more. You can also use the API to view status on all existing documents, including required fields, user provided field data, complete audit history, status of outstanding invites, and complete document structure.

Why use APIs?

  1. Security.
  1. Ease of Use.
  • SignNow’s API is designed in a very useful, straightforward, and simple way. All actions in SignNow’s API are documented so that users can utilize all of the API in less than ten minutes; some API features in SignNow include creating document invites, generating embedded signing sessions, and tracking and reporting users’ activity.

How to get started with API?

Get started with SignNow’s API today by calling (800) 831-2050. Visit SignNow’s corporate site where you can use case walk-throughs and full documentation to help you get started in API.

Request API key and information now at SignNow today!

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