Why Human Resource Departments Love SignNow

During the hiring process in any industry, employees are typically asked to sign and complete internal documents. This process begins with the job offer, or signing the employee contract, and followed by technology policies, security policies, HR policies, time clock policies, or compensation plans. These are only few of the many documents new employees have to complete within the first few weeks of work.

In the last few years, organizations have been switching from a paper-based system to SignNow’s e-signature process to enable documents to be signed anytime, anywhere, and on any electronic device with a few easy clicks.

Here are some ways HR departments are utilizing SignNow’s e-signature features:

SignNow improves the turnaround time for sent and signed documents.

Imagine receiving your employee policies and work contracts within seconds and being able to quickly sign those electronic documents online, as opposed to printing out and faxing them back. SignNow’s efficient e-signature process reduces the amount of time it takes to complete new hire paperwork, in addition to allowing employees to begin working sooner.

SignNow detects incomplete or incorrect documents for you.

Further SignNow benefits include the eradication of incorrect documents, or incomplete documents with errors, as well as greater visibility for the HR departments to send electronic documents and automatic reminders to employees. Plus, let’s not forget to mention improved customer experience from e-signature!

SignNow enables a smooth and easy on-boarding process for employees.

As an employee, if your on-boarding process runs smoothly and simply, you’ll be very confident and comfortable starting work on day 1. It’s highly important to sign and send back all employee policies and time-sensitive contracts back to HR as quickly as possible, before your on-boarding process; don’t let a mailing or faxing error force you to push back your start date and begin work on the wrong foot! Get electronic document signing and important contracts delivered quickly, easily, and simply with SignNow.

SignNow has customers from a range of industries, but HR departments significantly benefit from our smooth and easy e-signature process. Many of our additional served industries include sales, education, government, healthcare, and staffing, to name a few.

So why not add SignNow’s e-signature process to your HR department? Start now and get a free trial here.