6 Advantages of Using eSignature for Human Resources

signNow helps human resources make essential tasks like hiring, onboarding, and employee benefit forms paperless, so that you can save money and time, decrease errors, increase compliance, and greatly improve employee and customer satisfaction. With signNow, we’ll help you meet your HR needs for all enterprises around the world.

Below are some of signNow’s top HR features for all enterprises worldwide:

New hire paperwork

  • With signNow’s e-signature features, you can quickly streamline hiring applications and new hire forms, such as I-9 verification, benefit forms, and more. Plus, you can integrate signNow with your HRIS to automate your workflow.

Get NDAs electronically signed

  • Get new hires to electronically sign NDAs in advance. This will significantly improve recruiting workflows and satisfy all employees.

Employee document distribution

  • It’s important to keep employees up-to-date on organizational policies and new management; this can be done through electronic acknowledgement, such as signNow’s eSignature service, for complete compliance.

Get contractor agreements signed

  • You can quickly and easily get agreements and forms signed with businesses and contractors. Start your work early, and never miss a deadline, with signNow’s eSignature solution.

PTO management

  • signNow makes it very simple and easy for your employees to complete, sign, and manage all PTO forms. Employees can then upload the PTO information directly into payroll, or other HR programs.

Off-boarding employee agreements

  • Although off-boarding employees can require several steps and countless signatures, using signNow’s eSignature process ensures legally binding signatures and complete audit trails.

See for yourself why signNow is the best eSignature service, and how simple it is to sign, send, and manage HR documents all in one platform.

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