Encouragement Day matters: make your employees happier today!

Day of Encouragement

Meet the modern employee’s greatest challenge – professional burnout. Routines can lead to exhaustion. Repetitive and annoying tasks destroy motivation. And gradually, fewer efforts are made to work effectively. Since 2007, the 12th of September has become The National Day of Encouragement for remembering the importance of support. 

Look at your colleagues and employees carefully – probably, they are sinking in their daily duties. Endless to-do-lists frustrate even the most enthusiastic of us. The time has come to refresh the atmosphere in your company and make your fellow workers happier. Let this Day of Encouragement be special for your business!


Praise your workers for their daily efforts

Show your attention and approval to colleagues – even to the minor details. Let your collective feel that their daily routine efforts are being noticed and are valuable to their leader. Give them a dose of inspiration and enthusiasm by your praise. Never underestimate the importance of verbal support!


Share the visual results of a common task

Let your employees feel their importance and contribution to the general growth of the company. Prepare a simple chart or slide to show how much all of you have done and send it to the team. Add some inspirational quotes, illustrate income increases and make it both bright and visible. 

Initiate desired changes

Ask your collective about their needs. Show that their desires are important to you. A new coffee machine, houseplants in the office, and longer breaks create miracles sometimes! Create a questionnaire via SignNow, collect the opinions of the whole team about what should be changed, and pay attention to them. Value the needs of your employees and show them that you care!


Make this day tasty!

Bring some snacks to the office and give a break to all your workers. Communication during such initiatives is priceless. Speak openly, share opinions, and relax together. Ask the collective about their problems and consider them!

Inspire your workers, give them your attention and support and value their opinions. Encouragement is all in the details! Save your collective from burnout, and it will get you great results.