What Industries are Compliant with SignNow’s E-Signature?

Did you know that over 100,000 small businesses and 50% of Fortune 500 Companies use SignNow? That’s right. SignNow is used by millions to offer e-signature security, customization, and vital tools needed to succeed in any industry. From government agencies and universities to wealth management firms and life sciences, SignNow has powerful features for dozens of leading industries.

Below are a number of industries that are compliant with SignNow’s e-signature, and who significantly benefit from e-signature’s powerful tools and features:

Financial Services

Do you work for a bank, credit union, or capital management firm? The financial industry strongly benefits from SignNow by capturing important data and securing e-signatures for account transactions, openings, and investments. SignNow makes it easy, quick, and simple to implement global security and necessary compliance at your bank, for example. With SignNow’s e-signature solution, document flows will automate better, transaction speeds will increase, costs will reduce, and clients will be satisfied.


Forget manually filing papers and waiting multiple days for documents to be sent, signed, and returned. With SignNow, many local, state, and federal governments choose e-signature to help them reduce costs from manually filing documents and using problematic paper-based processes. SignNow is a compliant and effective way for governments to significantly improve responsiveness and engagement. Governments of any size take advantage of e-signature solutions because they provide efficient security capabilities and cost-effective procedures by eliminating the cost and stress of paper.


Health care plans and health providers utilize SignNow to move from an inefficient, paper-based work environment to a fully electronic process. When healthcare organizations go paperless, this has the potential to streamline new plan participants while saving healthcare providers a number of operational and managerial costs. SignNow’s HIPAA compliance, for example, provides healthcare workers full client security and confidentiality, which is a crucial security measure for any business.


Many global insurance companies use SignNow as the standard for automating document workflow with SignNow’s Transaction Management Platform, which delivers high quality security, service reliability and validity, and organization compliance. SignNow excels in getting crucial information and electronic signatures from customers to complete coverages and secure all approvals. From insurance agents and brokers to life carriers and P&C carriers, SignNow helps everyone in the insurance industry get to where they need to be.

Real Estate

As a real estate professional, you probably work 24/7 filing documents, sending out contracts, and signing agreements. Instead of waiting long days for documents to be sent, signed, and returned, why not make the waiting process faster, simpler, and easier with e-signature? In fact, more than 60% of documents are signed within one hour with SignNow.

Thousands of real estate professionals use SignNow to manage time sensitive documents; whether you work in residential or commercial real estate, property management, mortgage, or escrow, SignNow has integrated solutions to get you exceptional results.


SignNow allows K-12 colleges and universities to send test scores, permission slips, agreements, enrollment forms, textbook pages, and other documents directly to parents, all while eliminating the cost of paper and staying within a budget. SignNow’s features for education enable teachers to send forms to multiple recipients, track document activity automatically, manage signed documents in one place, and keep audit logs in check that provide log events and actions taken by participants.

SignNow has continuously improved administrator’s communication and engagement with parents, students, and colleagues, so get your school on board and go green today!

Life Sciences

Life science companies understand that collecting and managing a large sum of data is how products get to the market. With SignNow’s e-signature, you won’t have to worry about data entry errors, which can make your company look non-compliant and unsuccessful. Many leading biomedical and biotech companies are choosing SignNow to shorten the signing process, improve customer experience, and allow sales to capture physical signatures from any mobile device, which dramatically lowers time to revenue.

SignNow complies with dozens of industries; additional reputable ones include staffing, sales, high tech, and law enforcement, to name a few. If you’re interested in switching from paper to e-signature, visit SignNow at www.signnow.com.

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