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Several years ago, serial entrepreneur Allen King set out on a mission to amplify fun by developing custom software for his top-rated summer surf camps in Los Angeles, California. A big hurdle his customers faced, aside from trying to conquer waves, was the hassle of dealing with annoying but necessary paperwork. Surf camp employees faced challenges with collecting paperwork, keeping it organized (and dry) on the beach, and accessing it quickly when needed.

Manual paperwork was unorganized, not conducive to being beachside, prone to errors, and time consuming. During his search for software that could digitize his paperwork process, King sought a solution that was both efficient and HIPAA compliant. He discovered signNow, a tool which promised not only to streamline his operations but also to significantly enhance the experiences of his customers and employees. With its integration, the complexities of managing paperwork could be largely reduced, making everyone’s lives considerably easier.

“I integrated signNow and after working with their customer success team, I knew I made the right decision. I like the direction the company is going in and the way they show up for us, so I’m stoked to continue working with signNow.

Allen King, Founder and CEO of FunJoin

King soon realized he had the most mobile-friendly, easy to use, game-changing architecture for any small business owner running camps, classes, lessons, and more. In talking to hundreds of summer camp owners, it became clear that legacy software providers are antiquated and digital documents are vital. This was the moment that King knew his integration with signNow was ten times better than existing competitors, and so FunJoin was born.

“I was looking around for the mobile registration and document storage solution I wanted and I couldn’t find it,” says King. “Feeling inspired and driven, I decided to tackle the task of developing a user-friendly registration process to address the widespread paperwork issues many people struggle with. Throughout this journey, signNow has proven to  be an invaluable partner.” 

In 2019, King rolled up his sleeves and began crafting FunJoin. It’s a mobile-friendly registration platform, originally designed for camp management, but with a twist – it’s versatile enough to be used by other activity-based businesses, too. And the cool part? Its digital document process is streamlined, thanks to signNow’s technology.

Paperwork should never hinder fun

When it comes to something like a summer camp, campers, parents, and counselors alike want to maximize their fun time. But the reality is that anything that involves children involves a whole lot of paperwork. Paperwork is an absolute necessity for delivering a safe, organized, and efficient experience, but it doesn’t have to be a super time-consuming task.

“People shouldn’t be stuck at their computers more than they have to be, and that’s the goal with FunJoin,” says King. “We wish to empower more fun. With competitors, registration can take 15 to 20 minutes. With us, it takes 30-90 seconds. We’ve solved a major pain point for parents, customers, and employees.” 

With the FunJoin platform, people can register for programs, pay for them, sign necessary documents, and buy credits – a feature that is unique to FunJoin, as the first credits-based platform in the industry. Buying credits allows registrants to plan and control their schedules more easily and keep credits on file without being forced to use them right away. 

A common complaint in our industry is the lack of digital documents and mobile accessibility,” explains King. “But we’ve changed that. We developed a Customer Hub that makes it really easy to know what docs they need to sign and enables staff members to ping customers in real-time if they have any missing paperwork that would otherwise block them from having fun.” 

In addition to the problem of manual paperwork, King noticed that any existing digital software options were not mobile-friendly. FunJoin solves that, too.

“No one could register from their phones and that was a big problem,” says King. “Over 60 percent of registrations take place on the phone. It can be quite a hassle, particularly now that people are used to managing everything from their mobile devices. That’s why we prioritize a mobile-first development approach. It’s also a big reason why we’re fans of signNow – it’s genuinely boosted our customers’ flexibility, letting them get things done on the fly.”

signNow’s user-friendly API

When King had the idea to scale FunJoin’s software to the world, he leaned on the power of signNow’s API for his digital documents. 

“signNow has been part of our camp management software since the very beginning,” says King. “As an entrepreneur striving for rapid growth, having access to a user-friendly and well-documented API like signNow is a blessing. It’s a fully built, secure engine that lifts a significant burden from our shoulders. Why try to reinvent the wheel when such fantastic software already exists?

signNow has enabled the FunJoin platform to:

  • Allow important documents to be signed quickly and seamlessly 
  • Auto-populate fields so that registrants can easily and quickly complete their forms
  • Give registrants the option to sign on their mobile device, via QR code, or via email 
  • Create a staff portal where all staff and legal documents will be completed and stored 
  • Store a large volume of documents, making it easier to grow and scale 
  • Act as a centralized hub for staff, campers, and parents to access, manage, upload, and sign mandatory documents

Because of signNow, FunJoin is able to provide a hassle-free digital document experience for customers and a seamless operational experience for staff members. But, it also increases the safety of camp programs.

Here’s what Allen has to say about FunJoin’s experience with signNow:

“In an emergency, instead of wasting time shuffling through paper, you can pull up the relevant paperwork on the FunJoin app and get it immediately over to an emergency provider, nurse, or medical professional,” says King. “Imagine how much time you’d need to look through hundreds of papers and get the exact info you need, versus pulling it up online in seconds.You need to be able to quickly get what you need in an emergency.” 

King is always looking to give his customers the best experience possible and he thinks signNow has been a solid ally in pulling it off.

Saving time with signNow

King can’t wait to see just how far he can take FunJoin, armed with signNow (and perhaps some other airSlate tricks up his sleeve). If you’re an entrepreneur keen to unlock the magic of automation, King’s got a few words of wisdom for you:

Going through signNow and their API would be significantly advantageous. It can save you a minimum of six to 12 months of dev time that you could instead spend focusing on the problem you want to solve for your customers. Why would you waste your time and money building a product when you can connect with great partners who have already done the work for you? signNow is an A+ partner.

Allen King, Founder and CEO of FunJoin
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