The Overwhelming Evidence of a Worthy DocuSign Competitor

DocuSign is a San Francisco-based company that became a pioneer for the implementation of e-signature solutions in the daily lives of thousands. The company was founded in 2003 and is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. DocuSign is not only one of the current industry leaders, but also an exemplification of the phrase, the early bird catches the worm.

Legacy or Stagnant Monopoly?

Throughout the past 15 years, DocuSign has changed their CEO five times, became a dominant force in its market since 2010, broken records for the number of electronically signed documents in 2011 and made notable contributions towards a greener, paperless planet.  While these achievements made DocuSign a legacy in its industry, 2017 saw only remotely significant moves made by DocuSign as yet another change in leadership took place. Meanwhile, the e-signature solution concept, in and of itself, is no longer a new idea as dozens of worthy competitors emerged on the market in the last 15 years.

Attractive Alternatives in the E-Signature Market

At the moment, SignNow remains one of the most common comparisons to DocuSign and not without good reason. Ease of use and pricing are the two most significant points of interest users take into consideration when choosing an e-signature solution, thus making SignNow attractive by comparison. If this is the case, then why isn’t SignNow the undisputed leader of the market? The answer is simple – DocuSign has built incredibly strong brand awareness over the past 15 years.

The Latest G2 Grid report focused on comparing SignNow with DocuSign. The results showed that SignNow’s range of pricing and user-friendliness scored highest, winning the hearts and minds of users.

However, G2 Grid only discloses the total number of participants in the study and not the number of people who voted for a specific product. Other ratings (like Capterra, We Rock Your Web, SignX, SoftwareInsider, Fit Small Business and FinancesOnline) do. Taking this into account, we can observe that the number of DocuSign voters are double that to the number of SignNow voters. Nevertheless, in most of these overviews and comparisons, SignNow outperforms DocuSign.

Benefits and Features

On its own, SignNow is an excellent solution that accelerates outdated business processes in favor of an intuitive and easy online management workflow. This award-winning electronic signature solution simplifies a multitude of daily office operations by offering a complex solution with a wide range of truly user-friendly features.

E-signature management and the collection of client data becomes easier and more secure with SignNow – a signature made using the platform is held in the same legal standing as a physical signature. The entire signing process has been proven to be faster and easier than other competitors. The security options provided by SignNow are beyond what is legally required in the US. The offline signature option is especially useful because it allows users to get a document legally signed and notarized anywhere, at anytime.

The following quote from Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO of LiveHive, sums up the effectiveness of this feature:

“I was closing another deal and had an outstanding quote already sent through DocuSign (I was trialing them) before we got connected. The Sales VP was ready to sign the quote but was having trouble signing via DocuSign from his United WiFi – he was on a plane to Boston and it would have been too late if I had to wait till he landed. I resent the quote to him via SignNow and Voila! I had my signed contract in 30 mins! Great job SignNow!”

Suresh Balasubramanian

CEO, LiveHive

What makes SignNow exceptionally useful for the modern business world is that it can be used on any desktop computer as well as any mobile gadget, whether it is oriented for iOS or Android.

Just ask Tim Martin, CEO of Martin Properties:

“As an active real estate investor and developer, I am constantly on the move traveling from project to project and in and out of meetings all day long. I receive multiple purchase and sale contracts, escrow documents, public utility agreements, easement agreements, etc. There is no end to the number of documents I receive weekly. I used to use Docusign, but thanks to SignNow, I can execute all of these documents online with 100% compliance and security built-in. SignNow can initiate templates on my mobile devices, it can work offline and on limited wifi mode (great for airplanes), and I can get documents back to the necessary parties in an efficient and expeditious manner. I’ve never been able to operate more efficiently now that I have SignNow over the prior solution I was using.

Thank you Sign Now for making my life so easy”.

Tim Martin

Martin Properties.

Being available to weigh in on important decisions concerning contracts also means having the ability to track every action made on a time-sensitive document as well as monitoring every step in the signing process. SignNow’s audit trail places these tracked actions front and center, allowing the user to watch or even download the full history of all transactions made in a specific document. This solution is well suited for individual entrepreneurs as well as for business teams. It allows for the creation of different teams of users, different levels of security clearances for separate groups of documents and it allows users to organize those documents in different folders.

Price Policy Dilemma

G2 Crowd users not only rated SignNow’s pricing and ease of use higher than DocuSign, but in the area of features and functions SignNow provides a straightforward interface that takes far less clicks to accomplish the same tasks in DocuSign – because time kills deals. By adopting SignNow, users save ⅔ of what they would normally pay for the same service with DocuSign. Furthermore, our case studies show that SignNow saves its clients ⅔ on their usual paper consumption budget as well as 37.8% of employee time spent on collecting, sorting, changing and notarizing documents. More than 150,000 businesses and private entrepreneurs all over the world have already made their choice in favor of SignNow, including big name brands.



It’s high time you try SignNow for yourself and discover that it’s not worth spending more on DocuSign just for the sake of its legacy.
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