E-Signature For the Enterprise: The Four Requirements

Signatures matter. Whether you are sending 100 documents a year or 100,000, features and ease of use are critical. Your signers must be able to easily and happily receive and sign documents, and your senders must have effective productivity and management features. For larger enterprise assessments and installations, compliance, training, APIs, and other advanced capabilities are important as well. We cover both in the four critical requirements below.

1. Features and ease of use

Can customers sign on any platform, including desktop, laptop, table, iOS, Android, and other mobile devices? Is each platform well-rated for ease of use, as measured by real user rankings? Does the service offer a full set of e-signature capabilities, including the following?

  • Multiple signers, with configurable signing order
  • Multiple documents with configurable signing order
  • Data validation and multiple field types
  • Conditional fields with multiple levels and full AND/OR/NOT logic

Review SignNow features here.

2. Developer support and Integrations

Robust e-signature platforms offer pre-built integrations, and extensive support for admins and developers equipping your current suite of tools with e-signature capabilities.

Look for these capabilities when assessing integrations and developer support:

  • Developer-oriented interactive documentation for API endpoints
  • SDKs and sample code for common languages (.NET, Java, others)
  • REST and SOAP APIs
  • Standard integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Netsuite and others

Review integrations and SDKs here.

3. Compliance and Legal

This is critical. Look for ESIGN and UETA compliance, and depending on what industry you’re in, assess additional compliance requirement including HIPAA, or SOC 2 certification. If your organization or industry has an on-premises requirement, look for a solution that supports both Cloud and On Premises configurations.

Review these compliance requirements and certifications when vetting your e-signature solution:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements including ESIGN and UETA
  • SOC 2 Certification
  • Support for HIPAA compliance
  • Compliant data center, and support for on-premises if needed

Review SignNow ESIGN compliance, SOC 2 certification, and On Premises solutions here.

4. Support and Training

The e signature product must be easy to use and intuitive, and it’s also important to have a friendly contact to reach out to for guidance and expertise. Just as critical is a is a robust knowledge base and set of training materials all available online.

Make sure the product you choose has the support your enterprise organization requires.

  • Robust online support for end users, administrators, and API developers
  • Phone and email support
  • Experience supporting larger organizations

Review the SignNow online support and training materials here.

Pulling it all together: return on investment

The solution must be easy to use and have the right feature set, or employees and staff will not use it. There must be robust support for API integrations and pre-built integrations, or the solution will not work as part of the existing business process. Your legal team must be comfortable with the compliance and regulatory requirements or they will not support the solution. Support and training must be convenient and effective. Finally, the purchase process, terms, and price must be in line with your organization’s financial targets. All these requirements work together to create a successful e-signature implementation with good ROI and measurable business impact.

Case Studies:

More reviews from real SignNow users:

“Tech Data uses SignNow to improve our internal and external customer service while increasing our speed to revenue.” – Bob Dutkowsky, CEO Tech Data

“This is an excellent tool that is easy to navigate. It is a genuine time-saver and projects a professional image.” – Adam S., Director, Cargill

“Basically you set it up once with your templates and then it does the rest. Pick the appropriate template, use your preloaded signature, and enter the email address. SignNow tells you when the person has signed it. I’m too busy to track this stuff!” – Brianne H., Program Coordinator, State of Maine

“I love the flexibility of being able to view docs no matter where you are. Our executives travel all the time and it is nearly impossible to get signatures sometimes. This solves our problems.” – Tassanee J., Executive Assistant, CR Bard

“Huge time saver. No more running back to the office to print and sign time sensitive documents or contracts that come in.” – Whitney P., Sales Executive, RentPath

“Many ‘signature’ apps are not phone friendly, but SignNow’s interface made using my smaller phone screen a breeze.” – Ashleigh D., Inpatient Trainer, Univ. of Arkansas Medical Sciences