SignNow: The Paperless Office Report

Going paperless at the office can be tough if you absolutely need to use paper for your already established business processes. At the same time, going paperless is a lot easier to pull off in today’s hyper digital world, with access to clouds that hold our important files and the ability to legally fill out and sign sensitive documents from your phone or computer.

For small organizations, or start-ups that are just forming, there simply aren’t enough good use cases to justify paper-filled filing cabinets. However, industry titans with thousands of employees and entrenched paper processes seem to be immune to this agile logic.

So why do some organizations cling to old paper processes that slow down time-to-revenue and can literally cut your fingers in the most painful of ways?

Our curiosity around going paperless (and wanting to better understand why anyone would *not want to do so), as well as our motivation to learn more about what kind of organizations go paperless and what kind of impact it has on their businesses, crossed paths to form the SignNow: Paperless Office Report.

In an effort to learn more about paperless office environments and how prevalent they really are, we’re conducting a series of ongoing surveys that we’ll be publishing reports for on a quarterly basis. The goal of the SignNow: Paperless Office Report is to use quantifiable data to determine specific insights into why some organizations choose to go paperless and why others do not.

To start, we surveyed over 25 different industries with varying office environments and company sizes to ask for their feedback and opinions on working in a paperless office environment and whether or not their organizations see value in completely eliminating paper from their processes.

Their answers and perspectives are detailed in our first edition of the SignNow: Paperless Office Report below. We hope you enjoy our findings, and we’d love to hear more about it. Reach out to us on Twitter and let us know what you think at @signnow!

Download the full SignNow: Paperless Office Report for 2016 Q4

Originally posted on Barracuda Networks’ blog site.