New SignNow for Netsuite Integration Makes E-Signature Easy for Customers

We’re excited to announce another key integration partner into the SignNow family with the new SignNow for NetSuite.

“NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP provider worldwide, and we are excited to be a SuiteApp partner and provide our top-ranked, cost-effective e-signature solution to NetSuite users. SignNow helps organizations improve time to revenue, improve accuracy and compliance, and reduce costs with our top ranked Enterprise Software solution. This partnership allows customers to quickly and easily embed e-signature capabilities throughout NetSuite.” said Thor Clark, VP, SignNow at Barracuda Networks.

SignNow for NetSuite allows you to create, review, track and send for e-signature without leaving NetSuite. Senders can send purchase orders, quotes, or any document from anywhere within NetSuite and can quickly view signing status, reset expirations or change email addresses from within NetSuite.

Having these powerful capabilities means that you’ll never have to leave NetSuite again to get a quote, purchase order, offer letter, rental agreement, NDA or any other agreement signed. Simply send for e-signature right from NetSuite and check the status of your signature request, or download your signed document right from your NetSuite dashboard.

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SignNow for NetSuite Key Features:

Custom dashboard

Configure where SignNow shows up on your NetSuite dashboard by dragging and dropping the SignNow panel wherever you’d like.

Text tags

Easily place special text on a document wherever you’d like signature fields to appear. Once you upload your document with the proper text tags in place, your signature fields will automatically show up when you view or send your document.


Customize the documents you frequently send for e-signature – like quotes or invoices – with easy-to-use templates. You can then share these templates with your team, or use them for yourself to completely remove the document setup process – setup a template once and just click send when you need a signature.

Full audit trail

Access a full audit trail for every document you send for signing directly from within NetSuite. This means you can see the who, what and where for every signature you request. This powerful feature allows you to reduce document error while ensuring that all of your documents are legally enforceable.

Document expiration dates

When sending for e-signature, set an expiration date for your document if you want it to expire after a certain amount of time. This comes in handy for offers or quotes you’d like to send, but only want them to be available to the signer for a specific period of time.

About SignNow

SignNow by Barracuda is an award-winning e-signature solution used by millions of people and companies to sign, send and manage documents on any device. E-Signature users regularly rate SignNow ahead of DocuSign and Adobe Sign in key categories like Setup, Maintenance, Support, Ease of Business and Signature Process. SignNow’s industry leading mobile capabilities have made it the #1 e-signature app in the Apple App Store. And Enterprise users rate SignNow the #1 Enterprise software with an average satisfaction score of 9.56 out of 10.

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Originally posted on Barracuda Networks’ blog site.