Send Someone a Document to Sign With a Quick Text Message on Mobile

Text messages are a quick and easy way to send documents out to signers and get important forms signed within seconds. With SignNow’s latest iOS Version 6.9, senders can copy signing links from documents and send them via SMS to signers with just a few clicks.

Signing links allow you to create a link to a template that you can distribute to other people via text message on mobile. Each person who visits the signing link will then be able to sign their own fresh copy of the document… it’s that simple!

Follow our instructions below on how to send someone a document to sign via text message:

If your document is already a template, click the Create Signing Link button on that template.

You can copy your signing link and paste it into emails, websites, blog posts, etc. Each person who clicks the link will be able to sign the document and the signed documents will be available in your account when they’re done signing!

For more information on how to use signing links, visit University.

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