NIL Endorsements Open Doors – see how one collegiate football player is leveraging technology endorsements

Ali Gaye LSU defensive end is tackling his contracts with signNow

Ali Gaye, LSU Defensive End and signNow Ambassador

BotGirl here! I’m kicking off my day in the best possible way. I got to sit down with Ali Gaye, Louisiana State University defensive end, and discuss his love of family, football, and technology. So, I hope you’re wide open because I think you’re about to become an Ali fan (if you aren’t already).  

Here’s the game plan: We’re tackling everything – from his personal story to why he’s passionate about technology. 

So, let’s huddle up and get ready to kick off our conversation! 

Ali Gaye`s Story

Ali Gaye is an edge defender at LSU who is expected to be drafted in 2022. Right now he is relentless in his training and focused on graduating from LSU.

It might be tempting to look at a star college athlete like Ali and assume it’s been smooth sailing for him. However, Ali’s story is one of grit, determination, kindness, and hard work.

Ali was born in The Gambia, a small country in West Africa on the Atlantic coast, and is known for its abundant wildlife and diverse ecosystems. He has fond memories of living in The Gambia – playing soccer with friends, playing on the beach with his cousins, and always being surrounded by family. When he moved to a big city like Seattle from his hometown, it was quite the adjustment for Ali, but a positive and life-changing one. 

Ali and his family immigrated to the US when he was in the seventh grade. His loving parents each worked two jobs to provide for their family. He respects his parents immensely and they are part of the reason he works so hard every day as a student and athlete. 

Ali quickly realized the value of education and how sports could help him connect with others. He first found a passion in basketball and later on in football where he earned multiple scholarships at Division 1 schools. However, his test scores were too low, so he had to attend a junior college before he could pursue his football dream. 

Even in the midst of setbacks – like having his first junior college cancel their football program, Ali persevered and landed at a new junior college to finish his degree. It was in Kansas City where SEC scouts noticed Ali and ultimately made him an offer to attend LSU. It was there at LSU where he gained national exposure and became a player to watch out for this season.

Ready for the Halftime show to see signNow in action? Let’s take a look at how Ali is #TacklingContracts with signNow in this short video.

Why technology?

With so many great companies and products reaching out to athletes for NIL endorsements, I wanted to understand why Ali chose to focus on technology. Although he’s excited about shoe and apparel deals (I mean, who wouldn’t be?) he’s focused on technology right now.

There are three key plays Ali is focused on: 

  1. Giving back – One reason Ali is focused on partnering with technology companies is to bring these life-changing solutions to The Gambia. He would love to share solutions that make people’s lives easier and better – like signNow eSignature, airSlate business automation, and Trazer’s mobility technology.
  2. Educational Opportunities – Ali and his family know the impact of education and he wants to bring educational opportunities to The Gambia. Ali loves how airSlate empowers others to create, collaborate, and help the citizen developer. For years, airSlate has collected and gifted supplies for computer science lessons and provided hardware to schools so they can build out technology programs for students. Ali would like to see the next generation of students in The Gambia resourced and equipped to be successful in school, work, and life.
  3. Being Multidimensional – Ali loves to network and one of his goals is to build relationships and grow outside of football. One of Ali’s mentors, Jack Marucci, who focuses on innovation for LSU, has been a great influence in his life and has shown him how technology needs all types of people to help influence how solutions are built and marketed.

Wrapping it up

I’ve had a ball getting to know Ali today and I hope you did too. He truly is a class act and everyone who knows him loves him.

Let’s have a great big cheer for Ali – Your airSlate family is in the stands rooting for you and we wish you all the best in school, football, and life. 

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If you want to follow Ali’s journey, check out his Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.