How SignNow Helped Great VirtualWorks to Easily & Securely Get Candidate Signatures


Great VirtualWorks is a virtual contact center company with a full-scale virtual platform, which has created a presence in the marketplace for the call center workforce.


  • Lots of candidate signatures needed
  • Wanted faster way to get documents signed
  • Needed an easy solution for the admissions team and candidates


  • Candidates processed much quicker
  • Achieved 100% user adoption
  • Documents are stored in the cloud and also emailed to candidates

About Great VirtualWorks

Great VirtualWorks has a network of agents deployed across the U.S. who work remotely while providing call center services via calls, chats, and e-mail channels. The Admissions team processes many standard documents, like W-9 forms, so they needed a more efficient way of sending and receiving those.

The Challenge

As with many other businesses, Great VirtualWorks was relying on technologies such as scanning, faxing, emailing and printing in order to get signatures from their candidates. While it was working, for the most part, it was not without its share of frustrations and obstacles. Some candidates didn’t have a printer (or paper/ink), signed in the wrong spots, or had no scanner.

When it did work, time was wasted on both ends due to sending attachments that would be printed, signed, then re-sent. There had to be painless and intuitive way to get all of the required signatures from candidates — for both the Admissions team and candidates. That’s where SignNow comes in.


Before SignNow, we ran into obstacles related to the technologies being used: scanning, faxing, printing, etc. Now, getting signatures is a breeze!

  • Dwayne Wheatley
  • Vice President of Virtual Services
  • Great VirtualWorks

SignNow is so easy to use that we’ve gotten our entire Admissions team to adopt the technology. In the past we’ve had a hard time getting everyone onboard, but SignNow is very intuitive.

  • Dwayne Wheatley
  • Vice President of Virtual Services
  • Great VirtualWorks

How SignNow Helped

As more and more of the team began to implement SignNow in their signing process, they realized how efficient and easy it was. They were able to upload their commonly used documents and create reusable templates that the entire team could access. Adding fields to the documents made it easy for candidates to sign and for Admissions to “pre-fill” the documents before sending.

Unlike emailing attachments and wondering if they’ve been received and whether the candidate has started the signing process, SignNow enabled the team to track the document history. They could see if — and on what day — the document was viewed. After candidates signed, the entire audit trail was available from SignNow. It can even be downloaded as an attachment to the document.

From the applicant’s end, SignNow removes that barrier to entry of requiring a printer, scanner, fax machine, etc. He/she can securely sign from any computer’s web browser and can even sign from a mobile device. There is no danger of signing in the wrong spot or neglecting to fill something in since Great VirtualWorks adds fields to their documents.

After all of the documents are signed, SignNow sends out a confirmation email with PDF attachments so applicants can retain copies for their own records. They are also assured that the Great VirtualWorks Admissions team will receive a notification, as well as the signed documents.

Overall, the entire signing process can be completed securely and efficiently in real-time, with documents always available in the cloud. For a company such as Great VirtualWorks, who provides a cutting-edge solution to a common business need, SignNow helps keep them one step ahead of the competition.

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