SignNow Updates its Add-on for Gmail


SignNow has recently updated the design of its app for Gmail. Let’s take this update as an opportunity, to look one more time on how simple and convenient digital document workflow directly in your inbox can be.

Finding SignNow in Gmail is easy: Go to “Settings”, then to the “Add-on” tab and then search for SignNow within the G Suite Marketplace.

Installation takes only a minute, and once you refresh the page, you will see the SignNow icon in the right-hand vertical bar.

As you may already know, integrations (and add-ons especially) usually do not have the full functionality of the same-name software. But the SignNow add-on for Gmail offers the two most important features you need in your email account – the ability to send documents for e-signing and upload attachments directly into your SignNow account.

To send an email attachment for e-signing, just type in the needed email in the appropriate line:

The document you’ve sent out for e-signing will also be automatically saved in your SignNow account. So now, you can track the progress of e-signing directly from SignNow.

If you click the ‘UPLOAD’ button, the attachment of the selected email will be uploaded directly into your SignNow account. You can then continue checking your email, or switch to editing the document directly in SignNow with just one click.

The benefits from minimization of operations often go unnoticed when you are in the middle of working. It’s basically one less log-in on one tab, two or three less clicks on another etc. But as you will see, the amount of time you save will accumulate into hours – hours which you can easily redirect to something much more useful than just shuffling through dozens of programs or dealing with paperwork.

SignNow offers a wide range of other business integrations, including those for Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and Dropbox. You can find the full list here.