Groupama uses signNow to get insurance claims signed, saved and sent — seamlessly


Groupama is a mutual insurance, banking, and financial services group, with 13 million members and customers.


  • Paper forms are time-consuming
  • Difficulty in providing signed copies
  • Archiving requires scanning or photocopying


  • Archiving requires scanning or photocopying
  • Clients enjoy ease of signing
  • Signed copies provided more quickly and easily
  • Document archiving is more efficient

Executive Summary

Groupama insurance agents have streamlined their workflows by using signNow to collect signatures in person. These documents are safely stored in the cloud and can immediately be sent for processing, with copies sent to clients.

Challenge before signNow

Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne is a specialist general insurer based in France. They receive climate disaster claims via fax and insurance agents at the customer service center analyze them. Next, they assign an Agricultural Expert for an on-site assessment. Using paper forms is time-consuming, inefficient and delays all of the processing. Clients cannot easily be provided with copies of signed documents and archiving requires scanning or photocopying.


On a regular basis we receive client claims that must be signed in-person, secured, and stored.

  • Philippe Vayssac
  • CIO
  • Groupama

With signNow, claim files can be signed on the spot, are instantly secured and saved, and the client also receives a copy via email. We are then able to take the digital signed claims and seamlessly process them into our workflow.

  • Philippe Vayssac
  • CIO
  • Groupama

How signNow Helped

The Agricultural Expert transfers the claim files to an iPad, writes the assessment minutes during the inperson visit and creates a digital version right there in the field. The claimant uses signNow to sign on the iPad and a copy of it is sent to the claimant’s inbox automatically. This replaces a sheet that previously accompanied the assessment minutes.

The PDF that is emailed has the claim number as the file name in case the claimant ever has to reference it in the future. The Agricultural Expert also emails a copy for his/her own personal records.

Upon returning to the office, he/she syncs all of the claim files to the computer and marks them “to be reviewed at harvest.” The last step is to email the management center all of the claimant’s digital files, including the assessment minutes signed with signNow, for final review.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

Claims are now resolved (on average) 55% faster because signNow makes it easier to sign and securely save the on-site assessment minutes.

Clients are also thrilled by the ease of signing and the speed at which they receive copies. Since they began using signNow, Groupama has seen a 40% drop in complaints since clients now receive copies almost immediately after signing.

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