How Universities Benefit From SignNow’s E-Signature

Did you know that the class of 2020 will graduate never knowing a world without smartphones or social media? This means that higher education institutions expect incoming students to be tech-savy and digitally-oriented — from school applications and student loans to homework assignments and class transfers. Many students have the option of earning their degree online, as well.

Digitization for the class of 2020 isn’t an automation, but a given. There’s expected to be 23 million students attending universities by 2020, and online college applications are now reaching an overwhelming 92%. This rising class enrollment not only puts pressure on future students, but it also burdens the admissions department that manages and processes the paperwork.

Thousands of universities are still paper-based systems, and administrators have to manually file, send, and sign papers daily. So, how will universities and college students improve their document sending, signing, and managing systems? By switching to e-signature and choosing SignNow.


SignNow’s e-signature solutions provide better automated workflows and data processing, especially with individuals who can utilize their mobile devices. When universities eliminate physical paper processes, this will significantly reduce document errors and speed up transactions, which benefits both students and admissions staff.

Universities are searching for e-signature solutions that are simple and easy-to-navigate, with extensive security measures and document processing resources. E-signature meets all of the requirements for higher education institutes, which includes moving from paper-to-digital-based systems.

More Efficient Administration Departments

Not only will universities and staff increase their document efficiency with SignNow’s e-signature, but they’ll save tremendous amounts of money and stay competitive by offering electronic solutions for students. Educational administration departments can take advantage of SignNow’s audit trail, which lets administrator’s know how many and which students have opened, viewed, signed, and sent back the document.

SignNow’s features for universities and educational departments also include keeping track of class transfer and enrollments, student loan applications, financial aid (FAFSA) documents, professor vacation, or procurement forms. In addition, SignNow’s e-signature features will keep students and staff digitally smart and operationally manageable.

If you’d like to learn more about SignNow’s specific features for educational institutions, please visit SignNow’s corporate site.