The largest online library of legal documents is now available within signNow

legal documents

May 20, 2019, SignNow announced its partnership with US Legal Forms. US Legal Forms supplies customers with state-specific forms and form packages that help start their own business, sell a house, rent an apartment, prepare a will or settle family-related issues.

How to use US Legal Forms with signNow

No registration with US Legal is needed. All you need is your signNow account. Right there you get a link to the US Legal Forms catalog where you can choose any necessary form.

You also get instructions for completing the forms online. After completing any form, you can keep processing it with signNow in the usual way.

What benefits do signNow users get from this partnership?

The partnership with US Legal Forms makes it extremely easy to find the legal document you’re seeking, as well as to get necessary legal help. The fact that all this can be done within a single platform is an invaluable benefit.

Hundreds of our clients representing large and small businesses choose US Legal Forms to quickly find and process legal documents. That’s why we’ve decided to bring the US Legal Forms library to signNow.”  – says Aaron Brenan, product marketing director at signNow.

Now consumers, small businesses and attorneys can simplify their legal workflows. For example, they can find a specific contractor’s forms package for their state, edit and sign it in SignNow, and send it for signing to other parties. The package provides customers with all the necessary instructions to fill out forms quickly and without confusion. In the end, our customers have professional legal documents that have been properly signed and completed.”

US Legal Forms is excited to work with signNow on bringing new capabilities into both online platforms.”  – says Frank D. Edens, President at US Legal Forms.

This partnership is important as it completes the legal document lifecycle at both ends: from the document and legal perspective, to finalizing a contract with eSignature workflows, including different roles and multiple signers.