Recruiting and Onboarding with SignNow: The case of EGS, Inc.

Client profile

Suzanne Lipecky
Senior Technical Recruiter @
Empowered Global Solutions, Inc.
Aiken, South Carolina


direct employees


contract employees

Core operations

Staff augmentation to government contractors (including DOE and DOD) as well as direct recruiting for companies nationwide specializing in Engineering, Construction, and IT.

Agenda problems before using SignNow The company and Suzanne herself were looking for:

A comprehensive solution which would feature a full set of document management and e-signature capabilities with an interface that is understandable and easy for all staff members and potential candidates to use, even for those who are not so tech-savvy. Reasonable price for all of the above.


I started using SignNow in January 2019. My company had been utilizing DocuSign when I came aboard. I found their rates to be high and they were lacking several features I wanted. After doing some research online, I did a trial of SignNow and signed up within a week. Subscription rates are great and the platform is stellar!

Benefits achieved with SignNow

All-in-one functionality:

Suzanne is actively using all of the key features SignNow has to offer:


I love templates and grouping features! They allow me to upload all of the paperwork pertaining to a specific position I am filling at one time, customize it, sign it myself, and then distribute it to all of my candidates for that position. I also love the “create signing links” feature. This allows me to use the SignNow platform almost like an application site for my online job posts. I can collect all of the information I need on my template applications and get the required signatures without my candidates having to scan and fax paperwork to me.


I use SignNow for every job position that I recruit for. As soon as I get a new job order I prepare a job description and my next step is to set up my template group in SignNow for potential candidates to fill out and sign. Each group will contain a qualifications form, a right to represent form, and a rate worksheet. This process used to take me an hour but thanks to SignNow, it only takes 5 minutes to prepare!

An online solution that is easy for everyone:

EGS Inc. is actively working across several very different sectors, potential candidates arrive with very different levels of qualifications and skills, and not all of them are ready for full-scale and online document automation.


I find the entire platform very simple to master and straightforward. Even the least tech savvy employees in our company were able to get up and running with it in minutes. The more advanced features, such as templates and grouping do take a little more time and practice to get right, but are still easy to master. I was concerned that some candidates who are less familiar with technology may have issues with using the service, but so far everyone I have sent documents to through SignNow has been able to complete them with minimal guidance.


I also have moved all of my onboarding and background check paperwork to SignNow. Now when an employee gets hired, I just forward them signing links or invite them to sign the relevant group of paperwork for their situation. Seamless and easy!

Tremendous saving effects for all parties:

The company saved quite a lot on the annual subscription as DocuSign’s pricing model was considerably more expensive.
Suzanne saves herself hours of office time as she can now abandon scanning and faxing. The company, in turn, saves money on their consumption of ink, toner, paper, etc. All candidates contacting EGS, Inc. save both time and money as they no longer have to print, scan or fax documents to the office.

In conclusion


Going paperless was not the initial consideration but rather a pleasant consequence of my decision! SignNow helped me go completely paperfree. I even got rid of my filing cabinets and other methods of organizing paper in my individual office.

Suzanne’s recommendation to recruiters still in search of a document management & e-signature solution:


I use SignNow practically everyday – all day! If I am working, I am utilizing SignNow! I will and have recommended SignNow to many of my colleagues and business contacts. I think that anyone in the recruiting field will find this service saves them time and money from Day 1. It also makes the process easy for their candidates.
A game changer for sure!