5 reasons why businesses choose SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics

SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics

Did you know that most companies still use manual processes to manage sales contracts? Moreover, businesses lose up to 10 percent of their revenues yearly due to poor contract management.

Here at SignNow, we’re working on making the process of document approval as simple as possible by letting business users integrate e-signature workflows into the platforms that they already know and rely on.

SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete e-signature and document generating solution. It allows users to build automated signature workflows and generate data-driven documents right from their MS Dynamics 365 account.

Here are the top 5 reasons why SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best software for automating signature workflows so far:

Faster document approval

With SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics, document owners can speed up the process of document approval:

  • Send documents for signature in one click

Invite authorized recipients to sign your document by providing them with a signature request. You can grant them access via a shareable link or email. As soon as the document is signed, it returns to the owner with a notification email.

  • Create templates of your most frequently used documents

Avoid re-entering the same data over and over again. Create a template for any standard document or form. Allow customers to modify your form: add fillable fields to it, brand it with a company logo, change fonts and style, etc.SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics

Seamless document generation and record update

Automatically generate data-driven agreements, invoices or sales proposals pre-filled with Microsoft Dynamics data.


Whenever a customer completes a field in SignNow, the data from the field is  automatically transferred to the related Dynamics field, stored in the related record. Therefore, you can use the document to collect data from customers and update Dynamics records without manual re-typing.

SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics

Automated template-based signature workflows

SignNow enables you to convert any MS Dynamics document into a reusable template containing smart fillable fields. Simply drag and drop a signature, text, date or any other field anywhere on a document.SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics

Ultimate document security and integrity

You can easily monitor changes in agreements and contracts from your Microsoft Dynamics account at all times. Activate the Audit Trail feature to see who signed your document and when.

Set reminders for signers and cancel requests. Password-protect your documents and authenticate recipients via an SMS or phone call. Get a separate PDF file containing full document history, i.e. a signer’s IP address, email address and timestamp.SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics

All features in one place

With SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics, there’s a great opportunity to increase revenues, reduce the document lifecycle and keep your business digital by applying all the necessary SignNow features without leaving your Dynamics 365 workspace.

In addition to Microsoft Dynamics, SignNow offers integrations for Microsoft Word, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Netsuite, Oracle, and many more.