The Importance of E-Signature in the Sales Industry

Any sales industry can take advantage of SignNow’s e-signature solution, from boosting customer security and protecting documents to closing huge deals and getting more contracts signed. As a sales representative, you know that when you have an interested client, you need to get contracts signed fast before that opportunity fades away.

When customers have to print out a document, physically sign it, and then mail or fax it back to the sender, or even meet a sales representative in-person to physically sign it —  they often second-guess their decision to purchase with you. However, when you have customers sign contracts via SignNow’s e-signature solution, the entire signing process is finalized in just a few minutes, leaving no room for second-guessing.

When time matters, count on SignNow’s e-signature. Here are some reasons why e-signature in the sales industry is crucial to boosting profits, company success, and overall efficiency:

Close More Deals

With SignNow, you can create more contracts, send them for e-signature, and track their status. You can also connect your SignNow account with your Salesforce or NetSuite account, so you can get contracts signed and managed all in one digital platform.

Make Approvals Simple and Easy

SignNow empowers customers to sign approvals with just a few clicks, on their mobile device, iPad, or web. Sign documents straight from your iOS, Android, or iPad devices; SignNow’s compatibility with mobile devices ensures a more productive workflow, greater usability, and user-friendly e-signing experience. 

Monitor Document Activity

Get thorough visibility into every outstanding deal so that you can access signed contracts and manage your information. With SignNow’s audit trail, you can view all your document activity, track document status, and view the date and time stamp for every document that was opened, viewed, or signed by your signer.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Initiate, manage, and close deals from anywhere and anytime! SignNow offers full mobile compliance with an offline signing feature, so that you can manage all of your deals whenever you’re on-the-go or disconnected from wifi. Offline signing provides greater functionality and usability for signers and organizations by allowing users to sign documents anywhere in the world, at any time.

Make Signing Simple for Customers

SignNow allows customers to legally sign documents from their mobile devices while using a simple interface that guides customers throughout the entire e-signature process. SignNow is easy to setup, and it runs within the business systems you already rely on. From Salesforce and NetSuite to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and G-Suite, SignNow offers several partner integrations that your organization can easily work with. 

SignNow has the right e-signature solution for your sales industry. For more information, visit SignNow’s corporate site, or contact our Sales team here.