How Does SignNow’s E-Signature Solution Work?

As an E-Signature platform, we know there are some terms that can be confusing or misleading. Here’s a basic guide to SignNow’s terms so that you can understand how our e-signature solution works:


As SignNow admin, you manage and access a team and the admin console. You can create teams and team templates, as well as navigate the admin console and organizational dashboard.

Learn more about Admins here


SignNow REST API is a custom integration that allows you to upload documents, invite signers, track document status, use templates, and more, from any third-party application.

With the SignNow REST API, developers can provision accounts, post documents, create signing invites, and more. In addition, use the API to view status on all existing documents, including required fields, user provided field data, complete audit history, status of outstanding invites, complete document structure, and increase all security measures

Learn more about SignNow’s API Integration here

Archived Folder:

Signed documents can be archived into any Archive Folder. Signed Documents can be viewed by any Team Admin if the user is on a team or teams. In addition, accounts can be configured to auto-export signed documents to Google Drive or Box accounts. Multiple SignNow accounts can be configured to auto-export to the same cloud storage account.

Learn more about Archiving here

Bulk sending:

Bulk inviting means you create a single template then upload a list of people you’d like to invite.

Learn more about Bulk Sending here

Conditional Fields:

Conditional fields allow you to apply fields to your document which will remain hidden and only be asked to be filled out if the proper conditions are met to make the fields visible. 

Learn more about Conditional Fields here


Documents are  files that you add to our server from your computer. So when you upload, import (from email, Dropbox, or your computer for example) or create a document from a template, you are adding a new document.

Learn more about Documents here


In SignNow, documents can have edited information placed onto the them by using the Edit & Sign fields. There are various types of fields you can insert into your document including date/time, name, and signature fields.

Learn more about Fields here

Kiosk Mode:

Kiosk Mode can only be used with templates, so you’ll have to make sure that whatever document you want to use has been made into one. If you have a free trial on the web, download the SignNow app on an iPad, login with the same account, and start Kiosk mode with a template.

Learn more about Kiosk Mode here

Magic Fields: Fields that are automatically found and inserted by SignNow when a document is uploaded.

Learn more about Magic Fields here

Shared Documents Folder:

Shared Document Folders are folders that allow users to share their documents with team members.

Learn more about Shared Documents Folder here

Signing Link:

Signing links allow you to create a link to a template that you can distribute to others. Each person who visits the signing link will sign their own fresh copy of the document.

Learn more about Signing Links here

Smart Fields:

A field that is changed or added through a signing link.

Learn more about Smart Fields here

Super Admin:

A super admin is an admin that has total access to documents, users, and information within an organization. Super admins only exist within enterprise accounts. To set up an enterprise account or create a super admin position, contact your product specialist.

Learn more about Super Admins here


SignNow teams allow you to sign, send and manage documents across an entire group of people, or organization. The team admin can manage and create templates for other team members and monitor the status of documents that have been sent out for signing. The team admin can also add and remove people from their team in the admin console. Admins can get to the admin console by clicking on ‘Add User’ in the bottom left area of their SignNow dashboard.

Learn more about Teams here


Templates allow you to create a master document from which you can generate new copies. They make it easy to reuse your most common documents and forms. There is no limit to the number of templates you can create, you can use fields in them and they also allow you to use our Signing Links feature.

Learn more about Templates here

Text Tags:

Text coding that you can insert into your document before uploading. Once you upload the document into SignNow, text tags will automatically insert fields into the document.

Learn more about Text Tags here


In SignNow, when you add a new user or license to the account, you are giving that user a subscription and access to all of the features associated with your account tier including sending documents for signature.

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