The Benefits of SignNow in the High Tech Industry

Whether you’re a high tech startup, a Fortune 500 organization, or somewhere in the middle, SignNow’s e-signature solution can sign, send, and manage all of your important documents to keep your business growing. Companies such as Tech Data, Evotek, Great Virtual Works, and many more use SignNow to improve efficiency and productivity.

With SignNow’s e-signature service, you can eliminate time and money wasted on paper and manual signing, so that your company can focus on larger tasks. Here are some reasons why SignNow is fit for any high tech company, at any size:

Faster Revenue

With SignNow, you can cut the manual labor of signing and sending physical documents, which not only allows you to gain revenue faster, but also reduce the risk of missing monthly or quarterly sales targets. SignNow gives your company the opportunity to get more contracts signed faster, and keep your business processes simple and flexible for your tech team.

Improve Productivity

Are you a startup with a short budget? Or, are you trying to cut back on manual labor costs at your company? With SignNow, we automate the signing process, send follow up reminders to signers, and ensure that documents come back fully completed. SignNow also collects and organizes all of your documents, so that your sales representatives can spend more time selling and less time tracking down missing signatures.

Automate Contracts Faster

With SignNow’s integrations, we partner with back-end systems and automate the process of signing and managing documents; this means that you’ll recognize deals immediately upon contract signature, without manual intervention, and automatically trigger appropriate workflows. Some of our partner integrations include Salesforce, NetSuite, G-Suite, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

When you choose SignNow for your tech company, you’ll be accelerating sales, reducing operating costs, and completing tasks more efficiently with e-signature. Wouldn’t it be more useful for your sales operations team to accomplish higher value activities, instead of manual labor processes? Leave paper behind and choose the standard for e-signature management with SignNow.

SignNow’s e-signature solution can be used for many document-related tasks at your company, including sales contracts, non-disclosure forms, new hire paperwork, offers, employee documents, and more. For more information on SignNow for the high tech industry, visit here.