What Top Executives Say About SignNow

Does mailing, scanning, and faxing documents make you cringe? Do you feel overwhelmed by paperwork and stressed when you have to print, sign, scan, and email back a document? Using SignNow’s e-signature app can save you and your company time, ink, paper, and money whenever you need to authenticate documents.

SignNow is the #1 enterprise software with an average score of 9.56 out of 10. Hear what SignNow’s top customers say about SignNow’s setup experience, robust integration features, customization, and advanced threat protection below:

Jeff Klenner, President at Evotek

“At Evotek, we are a Digital Enabler and it’s all about our customer’s safe, user experience for us. Unfortunately, we tried three different e-Signature solutions and found they were all kludgy on mobile and under-featured. We searched for a better mobile solution and are extremely happy with SignNow’s ability to integrate Advanced Threat Protection to keep us safe and we are pleased to share that we use SignNow through the entire enterprise.”

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO at LiveHive

“I was closing another deal and had an outstanding quote already sent through DocuSign (I was trialing them) before we got connected. Sales VP was ready to sign the quote but was having trouble signing via DocuSign from his United WiFi – he was on a plane to Boston and would have been too late if I had to wait till he landed. I resent it to him via SignNow and Voila! I had my signed contract in 30 mins! Great job SignNow!”

David Berman, President at Zoom

“We recently outgrew our first e-signature solution and were in need of a more robust platform that could deeply integrate directly with Salesforce,” said David Berman, President, Zoom. “We chose SignNow because their product is extremely powerful and easy to use. We were able to quickly integrate SignNow with our Salesforce account and saw immediate gains as our ability to manage and sign documents on the go is now completely streamlined. Our entire company now uses SignNow, from Sales and Legal, to HR and Operations for 100 percent adoption within one month.”

Bob Dutkowsky, CEO at Tech Data

“Tech Data uses SignNow to improve our internal and external customer service while increasing our speed to revenue.”

Dwayne Wheatley, Vice President of Virtual Services at Great Virtual Works

“Before SignNow, we ran into obstacles related to the technologies being used: scanning, faxing, printing, etc. Now, getting signatures is a breeze!”

Salma Asali, Senior Associate of Clinical Operations at BIND Therapeutics

“We assessed SignNow’s compliance and found that SignNow has appropriate controls in place to manage the e-signature tool for its intended use, and has a sufficient working knowledge of the compliance requirements.”

SignNow’s top executive clients strongly benefit from SignNow’s compliance options, offline signing, customer safety and document security, and robust integration features with Salesforce. They all agree that SignNow is the perfect addition to their company, as well as the answer to their document management and e-signature solution.

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