What’s the Authentication Timeout on iOS?

SignNow has been hard at work adding feature requests and updates to our iOS app and introducing new additions to Version 6.9. We recently wrote about these new features and enhancements to help leverage your SignNow account, which include double factor authentication, fingerprint verification, signing links, and signer name requirements, and session authentication timeout.

With the increased amount of data breaches and identity fraud, SignNow wants to bring peace-of-mind to our customers and enterprises by giving them additional security and document protection. Available in Version 6.9 of the iOS, our session authentication timeout allows users to require authentication when opening and signing documents.

Before the Authentication Timeout:

Before the authentication timeout feature, if the user switched to another app or closed the SignNow app, re-opening the SignNow app would resume access to the account. The only way to restrict access would be to manually sign out of the account, which could be harmful to your data if the user is in the middle of signing a document.

SignNow’s Solution:

With SignNow’s authentication timeout solution, users can set a time interval that the app should be closed before requiring authentication. Users can set the time interval to be 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes,1 hour, or no authentication time  before ensuring that the signer is the correct person.

Touch ID Login:

If the time interval has elapsed and the user returns to the app, an authentication screen will appear, and the user will be required to use Touch ID (fingerprint verification) or enter their password to enter their account again.

SignNow’s authentication timeout increases customer security and satisfaction by keeping your account protected and your information secure. Your data will never be harmed with a required authentication and Touch ID system. For step-by-step instructions on setting up an authentication timeout, please visit this University article.

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