signNow gets rid of document fraud once and for all

There’s no doubt that e-signature software and technology has made our lives easier and safer. Do you remember when you had to pull out your checkbook at the grocery store? How about having to find a pay phone on the street to make a phone call? Despite the numerous benefits of electronic signing, there are a few risks of cyber threats and fraud that are significant.

Your business most likely already has security features and safeguards to combat cyber attacks. You probably have policies to ensure your employees can spot phishing or ransomware attacks, too. With SignNow, we provide additional cyber security to prevent document fraud by making e-signature our main priority.

Below is important information on how SignNow combats document fraud and gets rid of e-signature fear for each and every one of our customers:

First, what’s document fraud risk?

Document fraud, also known as identity fraud, is the “manufacturing, counterfeiting, alteration, sale, and/or use of identity documents and other fraudulent documents to circumvent immigration laws or for other criminal activity,” according to the ICE. Identity fraud can involve identity theft, a crime in which an imposter takes on the identity of a real person. This is very common with e-signed documents, where a cyber criminal may tamper with a digital document and steal your e-signature. This is where SignNow comes in to prevent document fraud from ever happening.

SignNow Ensures Document Tracking with Audit Trail

SignNow’s audit trail allows you to track every event in your electronic document history. This audit trail clearly shows you which documents have been signed, viewed, or modified in any way. It will also tell you if any documents have been tampered with, including the date and time of that tampering. Ranked #1 for Software Enterprise, SignNow’s audit trail is the most detailed and efficient e-signature feature in the market. You can find the audit trail in SignNow’s API, which is for Enterprise customers, providing status on all existing documents.

SignNow Provides a Downloadable Document History

Along with the audit trail is SignNow’s electronic document history, which you can download directly from your account. In SignNow, you can easily download your document history and view all transactions with the multiple people signing. For example, if a signer declines to sign a document, you can view this activity in the history. Even when you’re not connected to the internet, SignNow allows you to view all document history and track your signer’s activity.

SignNow Protects Your E-Signature and Identity

Whenever you send documents out for signing in SignNow, it’s always important that you know who exactly is e-signing the document. If a cyber criminal receives your document, it could really hurt the document security and damage your organization. With SignNow’s SOC 2 Type II security and complex API features, our e-signature security technology has advanced ways of detecting document fraud and protecting your signer’s identity.

With electronic document fraud and security risks on the rise, it’s important to partner with a highly secure and efficient e-signature service, such as SignNow, to protect your documents and ensure maximum security.

For more information, visit SignNow’s corporate site.