How signNow helps sales teams close deals faster

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Find out how sales teams can go from chaos to calm with signNow for Sales!

Hey Sales Reps, BotGirl Here! Want to automate your sales cycle and boost productivity?

Oh good, glad to know we’re on the same page! Here’s what I’ve been thinking about recently:

Even before the rise in remote work, we’ve been living and working in a digital world. Businesses are digitally transforming their processes and evolving their products and services to better meet the needs of people in this new workspace. So it comes as no surprise that digitalization also impacts the sales process and customer relationship. 

You might have heard that 67% of a buyer’s journey happens online! 

To adapt to customer purchasing habits and organizations working at the speed of now, sales teams have turned to time-saving solutions like signNow’s e-signature. 

How does signNow help sales teams? 

  • Automates the sales cycle and boosts team productivity
  • Empowers sales reps to send and sign contracts, anytime, anywhere
  • Enables teams to close deals faster and delight their customers

But first, what did the sales experience used to look like? 

I’d like you to meet Rick, a sales rep for a large paint manufacturer. He used to do paper-based contracts which consisted of creating a contract, printing, mailing it out for signature, then waiting to receive the document back. Most of the time there was missing signatures or data errors in the document, so it would take about two weeks to complete the sales cycle. Rick was constantly having to email or call people to follow up on their paperwork. Many times he even found himself doing personal visits to track down contracts.

Sounds exhausting, right? 

Well, with signNow, sales reps can speed up the sales cycle with e-signature workflows so they can send and sign contracts from the office, from home, or even from their local coffee shop. 

Now that Rick and his team of sales reps have digitized and streamlined their sales and contract processes with signNow, they can complete a sales cycle within days or sometimes even minutes. 

Now let’s look at the sales cycle with signNow 

Rick is able to easily make reusable contracts for his team to use with customized data fields so they can automatically collect data from documents and contracts. Rick and his sales reps are able to quickly send out contracts and quotes for signature to their clients – they can even bulk send and set up a signing order when needed. 

Here’s the best part:

With signNow for Sales, Rick and his team were able to eliminate 70% of document errors. That’s because signNow’s signing guidance makes it easy to accurately complete and sign documents, even for inexperienced users. They were also able to collect signatures up to 5x faster and reduce document turnaround times from 6-14 days to just minutes!

One signNow feature Rick loves is the ability to close on-the-spot deals with Kiosk Mode. This came in handy when they would travel a few times a year to major cities for conventions. From their tablet or mobile device, Rick could easily collect legally-binding signatures on contracts in person.

Want to see signNow for Sales in action? Watch our video!

At airSlate, we’re obsessed with our customers (like Rick!) so we seek to offer solutions that make their lives and work easier and better. 

While the positive impact of digital transformation is undeniable, we know that the need for security remains top of mind for people. 

Fortunately, signNow meets the highest security and compliance standards and includes security features such as: two-factor authentication, network protection, digital certificate technology, court-admissible Audit Trail, disaster recovery, and retention in the cloud. 

What more can I say?! signNow is the secure and user-friendly e-signature solution that scales with your sales workflows. 

So, who’s next? It’s time to get your #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow!