Complete Proposals Quicker Than Ever with signNow for QorusDocs

BotGirl here! Today, I get to introduce you to our new partner and tell you about our brand new integration with them.

Drum roll please … I’m excited to share that signNow is now integrated with QorusDocs!

Our partnership will enable QorusDocs users to electronically manage and sign documents right from their QorusDocs account. Now, users can quickly complete proposal and signature cycles while keeping their data safe and secure.

Let’s take a look at the magic that happens when you add signNow’s eSignature solution into QorusDocs’s proposal management platform.

Spoiler alert –

This integration helps users create, close, and sign compelling proposals in minutes versus hours.

We’re going to go into more detail in a fun webinar. Don’t miss the signup below.

You know I am a big fan of saving people time, money, and hassle. I’m so proud of this partnership, so allow me to introduce you to Ray Meiring, CEO at QorusDocs so we can learn more.

Ray, thank you for joining me here today! I have a few questions for you to help us better understand QorusDocs and our partnership.

At signNow, we’re all about creating software solutions that make people’s lives easier and better. Can you share a little bit about QorusDocs?

I’d love to! QorusDocs is a cloud-based proposal management software that streamlines RFP responses and automates proposal creation. Our smart solution is intuitive and easy-to-adopt, enabling you and your team to create personalized, professional-looking documents directly from your familiar Microsoft Office apps and popular CRM systems.

Wow, that’s amazing! I’d love to hear how QorusDocs solves some common problems or customer pain points.

Sure! This is something we love talking about.

Before using QorusDocs, we often hear these problems from potential customers:

  • Spending too much time creating documents
  • Collaboration tools are needed
  • Unable to easily source relevant content
  • Responses require personalization to win
  • A misstep in quality can cost us
  • Unable to gather key insights

I’m happy to share that QorusDocs solves these challenges. To dive a little deeper, our customers can easily:

  • Create professional-looking proposals, presentations, and SOWs with pre-approved, branded content;
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts on every deal to ensure consistency and accuracy from a single source of truth;
  • Automate proposals, presentations, and responses using our AI-enabled software that suggests content with the highest engagement rate;
  • Share your proposals from anywhere securely with a solution built for distributed workforces;
  • Track insights into prospect engagement within your proposals for smarter, more relevant follow- up activities and communication.

What makes QorusDocs stand out from other proposal management software?

QorusDocs helps clients create high-value documents in a more efficient way – 5x faster, in fact.

Qorus helps organizations save money. Get this – one of our clients estimates that they saved about $7.5 million within the first year of implementing Qorus!

Qorus also empowers your Sales team by giving them more time to spend in front of prospects and clients. That’s because Qorus automates a huge amount of the document creation process. It also gives you a view of which content your prospects are viewing within the document, enabling smarter follow-ups.

And Qorus secures your data. Qorus runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, one of the most secure cloud platforms available. Qorus also supports single sign-on so you don’t have to supply your own username and password to access the tool.

We’re committed to giving our customers the support they need to get the most out of our software. We have a number of self-help videos and articles to guide you on your way when dealing with complex scenarios. Having said that, Qorus enjoys a high adoption rate because it’s easy to use!

How does signNow, our eSignature solution, help optimize this?

We allow our users to create compelling and insightful proposals that win. With the addition of signNow, QorusDocs can help you from document creation to close. Users can complete proposal and signature cycles in minutes while remaining compliant with industry-leading security standards. signNow gives our customers the flexibility to sign sales documents anytime, anywhere.

What about our partnership and integration are you most excited about?

When we look at partnerships, our core value and focus is what will help our customers. signNow does just that, it frees up our customers’ time so they can focus on building relationships with their clients and selling. Our customers across manufacturing, tech, financial services, and more will benefit from increasing their sales velocity and what is important to them, closing more business.

signNow’s customer-first dedication aligns with our obsession to delight our customers.

Wrapping up

Incredible! As you can see, QorusDocs is leading the way to make creating and completing proposals as easy as possible.

Let’s recap –

With the addition of signNow, QorusDocs customers can now build proposals, presentations, and statements of work (SOWs) – and easily send them out for eSignature.

The signNow partnership means QorusDocs proposal and sales teams can easily manage and sign their documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

In case you might be asking yourself – how can I see this integration in action?

You’re in luck! You’re invited to join us for a webinar on May 18 at 12pm EST. Can’t make it? Register anyway and watch for the recording which will be available on demand.

Ready to give signNow a try? Start your free trial today to get started!