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All you need to know about signNow’s eSignature solution for higher education

From large universities to small trade schools, here’s how 3 educational institutions are rethinking their approach to student learning and user experience

BotGirl here! At signNow, we have a passion for technology that makes people’s lives easier and better across any industry or line of business around the world. But today, I want to highlight one industry I’m extra excited about – Higher Education.

It’s no surprise the world is turning toward remote learning. From small schools to large educational institutions, signNow eSignature helps digitize and automate document processes saving time, money, and hassle.

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s take a look at three use cases to see how signNow does the heavy lifting to empower staff and faculty to focus on students, not paperwork.

Use Case #1: University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is a top-ranked public research university that was founded in 1817. There are more than 48,000 students enrolled across their undergraduate programs, graduate schools, online programs, and global universities! The University of Michigan integrated signNow with SSO functionality and provided eSignature workflows for faculty and staff.

Key Challenges Before Using signNow:

  • Completing a single document workflow could take several weeks 
  • Receiving documents back with missing or inaccurate data
  • Storing paper documents took up limited space 
  • Too much time spent on repetitive, manual paperwork processes

Results Achieved with signNow:

  • Reduced document turnaround time from weeks to days
  • Eliminated paper processes and now store all documents digitally
  • Employees received complete and accurate documents on time
  • Employees have more time to dedicate to strategic initiatives and their students

Watch their story:

Use Case #2: Central New Mexico Community College

Central New Mexico Community College (CNMCC) is the state’s largest community college with five campuses, a Workforce Training Center, and an Advanced Technology Center. The college’s many departments and facilities are constantly signing and sending documents for signature and switched to signNow for its ease of use and adaptability.

Key Reasons They Moved to signNow:

  • Difficult to collaborate across departments with their previous solution
  • Former eSignature solution was complex to learn
  • They needed a less expensive solution

Results Achieved with signNow:

  • Employees were able to quickly get up and running and easily send and sign documents
  • Streamlined student and staff document processes and met regulatory requirements
  • Students could sign documents anywhere, anytime – even from their mobile devices

Watch this recap:

Use Case #3: Italian Photography Institute

The Istituto Italiano di Fotografia is a photography and arts institute in Milan, Italy. The Institute has thousands of students from around the world enrolled in its courses and workshops each year. The Institute implemented signNow to digitize and streamline their enrollment process allowing them to focus on creativity not paperwork.

Key Challenges Before Using signNow:

  • Printing and mailing enrollment forms was expensive, manual, and time consuming
  • Enrollment paperwork was often returned with incomplete or missing data
  • Document turnaround time took weeks and there was no way to track documents

Results Achieved with signNow:

  • Saved time and money by going paperless and digitizing all forms
  • Simplified and automated the enrollment process 
  • Applicants can fill out and submit all forms from home or while on the go
  • Turnaround times for applications have been reduced to just days

Take a look here:

Wrapping it up

Today’s students want a personalized experience and intuitive solutions. signNow is an easy-to-use solution that goes beyond eSignature to empower colleges and universities to quickly send and sign documents and accommodate the needs of students and staff while staying compliant.

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