3 reasons why going paperless is good for your company’s branding

The concept of a paperless office is not exactly a new idea in the business market. But just to be clear, this is what it means in a nutshell:

Going paperless is making your office environment fully digital. This includes taking steps starting from avoiding printing out paper whenever possible, to eSigning documents and even working online from home in some cases. However, this does not mean that your business operations must necessarily be 100% paper-free. In other words, you can always adjust the degree of your “paperlessness” depending on your capacities and demand.

Apart from the obvious economic benefits gained from going paperless, it can also become a vital part of the branding campaign and management reputation of your company. Here are three major reasons why paperless workflow is good not only for your company’s image but also for your image as a responsible employer and a smart CEO:

This is the easiest way to show you can do your math wisely

Nothing can be more persuasive than accurate money saving forecasts. The Standard Chartered Bank Guide on how and why to go paperless is probably one of the best examples in this regard.

Thus, you are saving plenty of resources and time, and at the same time – you are strengthening your image as a financially savvy business partner.


You are making life more comfortable for all your clients

Your office going paperless, both directly and indirectly, can be convenient and profitable for all your partners and clients. What needs to be made clear is what do THEY get from YOUR paperless office?:

  • faster signing giving way to more deals closed in a shorter time
  • suppliers getting paid faster due to a more efficient online workflow
  • all clients can be sure that files or any strictly confidential data cannot be misplaced, simply because it is impossible to lose a document in a secure cloud
  • if you’re already paperless, all of your business contacts will also save on paper, ink and mailing, even if they were not planning to go paperless themselves
  • if you are using eSignatures, it is nearly impossible to miss any signature field since the software will not allow any signer to finish a document until all fields are completed correctly. This reduces the rate of missing or skipped signatures to the very minimum.

These indirect benefits might not be immediately obvious to you at first, but they will be appreciated by your many thankful clients. Moreover, sooner rather than later, they will gladly follow your example by going paperless as well. This not only contributes to client loyalty but also strengthens your image of a high-tech trendsetter within your local business community.


Join the club of global visionaries

The paperless movement, first and foremost, is about environmental awareness.

According to recent statistics, on average, half of the American adult population is concerned about growing environmental issues. At least 15% of them are ready to pay more for eco-friendly products. Moreover, millions of average and high-income households are annually donating to various environmental NGOs due to these growing concerns.

How is this relevant to your business? Sure, you may not be as rich as HSBC – carrying out a full-scale environmental campaign targeting clients all over the country, or as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio – traveling and shooting movies about your environmental concerns, however, you can always go paperless. Noteworthy here, unlike many other ways of demonstrating your strong environmental standpoint, this option does not require any additional investment. Moreover, it saves you resources and thus increases your income starting from day one of implementation. To put it simply, you are saving money and building up your environmentally-conscious reputation at the same time.


To sum it all up, a “going paperless” campaign speaks well for your entire business. And it communicates to your clients and partners that you are:

  • technologically savvy and aware of the most recent trends and apps
  • a business that cares not only about your own interests, but also about the time and money of your clients as well
  • a socially responsible and solid business player
  • strong enough to be a trendsetter and inspire change through leading by your own example.

You may not always have the largest share of the market or the largest sales volume – however, having a well-established reputation as an inspirational leader and a pioneer of change can be easier than you might have imagined.