Summarizing 2018: What SignNow did and where we stand now

summarizing 2018

2018 has been a year of active growth and constant improvements for SignNow.


So let’s skim over the calendar to review what kept us busy during these 12 exciting months:

The winter and early spring of 2018 were intense due to a range of updates and releases that were coming in nearly every week (see the full list). The updates concerned mostly API, payment solutions, LDAP and some minor stability improvements.

Spring also kept us busy with preparing for the newer GDPR regulations in Europe. Our work reflects how SignNow has always taken data security extremely seriously – full details on GDPR compliance are available on our site.

In May of 2018, SignNow presented a brand new type of fillable fields – Calculated Fields.

This new functionality allows all SignNow users to perform basic commercial calculations following the preset formula – all without leaving the SignNow environment. This feature simplifies the preparation of business forms (for example, order forms, bills and invoices) and thus saves you hours of office time!

You can access a simple how-to instruction with screenshots here.

That same month, SignNow also released its two online payment integrations – with Stripe and Payeezy. Both of these solutions offer super-quick online payments which you can attach in two clicks to any document to be sent for electronic signature. See our video tutorials (only two minutes!).

And this was just the start of our Summer 2018 integration releases.

First, we did a handy SignNow addon for Gmail. Now you can enjoy a much quicker exchange of documents between your Gmail inbox and SignNow account.

Then, SignNow announced its three major integrations for 2018 – with ServiceNow, Salesforce CPQ and finally, with Autodesk BIM 360.

All three integrations have been introduced with the central idea being to offer a complete e-signature solution smartly built into the online management of business processes. This works regardless of what sector you are working in – services, sales, construction, design etc. – SignNow is here to help you get everything e-signed in minimum time without having to even switch between tabs.

Apart from larger integrations, individually customized API solutions have kept SignNow’s developers busy throughout the whole summer.

During 2018, new and existing business customers of SignNow got customized e-signing solutions of their own, fully adjusted per their convenience.
If you’re looking for a unique e-signing solution nicely merged into your site, CRM system or any other business solution you’re already using – contact our API Team, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Software integration and going mobile-first were the two top trends for many digital companies worldwide. Ken Grohe, the President of SignNow, published a book this year covering both of these hot issues – it’s called “Leveraging NetSuite & Your Mobile Device to Make More $$$”, available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and also for Kindle.

In September 2018, together with dozens of some of the most amazing tech companies out there, SignNow participated in Dreamforce 2018 by Salesforce.

It’s always nice to talk in-person to businesses and individuals who use SignNow. In case you’ve missed our Dreamforce demo on SignNow + Salesforce, you can watch it here.

Finally, in November and December we launched our live webinars. The course is called SignNow 101, and as you can see from the name, it’s mostly geared towards any newbies on the e-signature market.

All webinars are streamed via Zoom. They’re free of charge and each lasts no more than 60 minutes. In case you’ve missed one but would still like to see the replay, please contact our webinar host Christian Parkourana.

Looking forward, 2019 is being seen by many to be the year of AI, machine learning, chatbots and big data analysis. In a nutshell, this basically means that the operations of businesses will get faster than ever before. So maybe it’s time to ask yourself – “Is my business quick and responsive enough to compete with the 2019 standards?”.

Try SignNow (separately or with a variety of integrations) to see for yourself how you can save hours of time on your 2019 schedule.