Streamline Contract Closure with SignNow for Salesforce


In anticipation of Dreamforce 2018 by Salesforce, we need to be flat out honest about something:

A genuinely new and brilliant idea is only 50% of any business success. The other 50% is how quickly you can sell it before anyone else follows in your footsteps, using the path you’ve paved to expedite their progress.

Accuracy, flexibility and a minimal number of operations – this is what is required to stay ahead of the competition. And more importantly, it’s what we’ve come to expect from a superior CRM system. Adding SignNow’s legally binding e-signature solution to your Salesforce account means you no longer have to switch between tabs and accounts. Now you can modify any document, e-sign it, send it for e-signing and track it, all without leaving your Salesforce account.


How exactly does SignNow’s integration with Salesforce improve your digital workflow?

SignNow for Salesforce allows you to:

  • Manage the layout of all your contracts, offers and quotes you need to collect signatures for, all directly in your Salesforce account – add fillable fields, checkboxes and radio buttons just like in SignNow.
  • Send a contract, quote or both to one or several signers, from any object in Salesforce. You can also send attachments for e-signing with a handy SignNow Attachments button.
  • Save time by sending the same document (contract, offer, NDA) to as many people as you need in seconds. Just check the required contacts in your Records list and then click Bulk Invite.
  • Easily bring more colleagues or partners into your negotiation process by means of presetting CC’s in all or part of your correspondence.
  • Organize a secure but also flexible correspondence workflow: set passwords and expiration dates for each document. You can also cancel e-signing invitations or change designated signers even after a document has been sent.
  • Instantly track the progress of any e-signature request in the SignNow Status canvas and send reminders in case a recipient forgets or misplaces your request.
  • Collect in-person e-signatures on the spot, using Kiosk Mode in SignNow.
  • Download previously e-signed documents along with a detailed audit history attached to each of them.

However, two major time savers with the SignNow integration for Salesforce are data binding and pre-set template settings.

Data binding allows users to pre-fill SignNow templates with data from Salesforce records and vice versa. Once a document has been filled out and e-signed using SignNow, Salesforce records are automatically updated.

Pre-set template settings automate part of the sending process: easily predefine recipient roles along with the title and body of your messages recipients. This allows you to skip several steps in the document preparation process and get everything signed faster.

If you already have a Salesforce account, you can download the Setup Guide on how to add SignNow’s buttons to your Salesforce profile (no special skills required!).

If you aren’t yet using a CRM system, you can opt to try out e-signing separately with a free SignNow trial.

Note that once your free trial expires, SignNow offers several pricing options, all priced to beat out the solutions from other competitors in the e-signature marketplace.