Doing business in Sleepy Hollow: from headless horseman to paperless office

paperless office

Company Profile:

Rella & Associates, a Sleepy Hollow law firm located in Westchester NY, with 20 employees, uses SignNow multiple times during a regular business day.


We were using Adobe Fill & Sign, and it was burdensome for many of our clients, at many steps, starting with downloading the app. So we started using SignNow approximately 10 months ago, it was recommended by our proprietary software licensor who integrated it into our software;

– Gerarda Rella, the owner of Rella & Associates

What is noteworthy about SignNow is that only the sending side needs a personal account to e-sign and send docs for signing. The recipient/signer doesn’t need to download the app or install any extras. They can fill in fields and e-sign using any browser they have installed on their desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

In a law firm like yours, what types of documents can be e-signed using SignNow?


Any type of documents actually. From intake documents to settlements. The key point is that we can send documents for the clients to sign IMMEDIATELY.
Another important aspect is that we often work with clients who live/work more than 20 miles from our office. Now we don’t have to wait for a personal meeting, and the increasing number of settlements can be done online.

As the company is rapidly growing and expanding its scope of business, SignNow has become especially handy in everything that concerns HR management and recruiting.

Do you feel the saving effect from SignNow?


Oh absolutely! The turnaround for getting signed documents back is exponentially quicker. Thus, document processing overall becomes much more efficient. Apart from time saving, we have also noticed a significant cost savings — in the amount of paper that we use as well as in postage costs. We never came up to actually measuring them in real numbers but I can still say that it’s significant savings!

Would you/have you recommended SignNow to other businesses?


I would highly recommend SignNow for all businesses that deal with clients who have little time to come to the office and physically sign documents – and also for the clients who want to expedite processing of all documents that require signatures.