Why You Should Use SignNow for Employee Onboarding

SignNow’s employee onboarding software ensures world-class security, accuracy, and productivity, as well as offers seamless HR processes. Using SignNow’s e-signature along with electronic I-9s and W-4 forms speed up the onboarding process and increase protection – even from offline, remote locations.

With SignNow’s onboarding e-signature software, such as bulk send, conditional fields, document groups, and audit logs, new employees can confirm consent by providing e-signatures and quickly completing necessary paperwork before their official start date. By going paperless, HR departments will have all required documents and forms saved electronically, and quickly available for archiving or review.

Below are some top reasons why your organization should choose SignNow for employee onboarding:

With SignNow’s e-signature software, you only need to sign once.

With all of the forms that HR personnel need to manually file and complete, this long and tedious process can be slow-moving and unproductive. With SignNow for employee onboarding, organizations can keep moving with a one-time entry solution – SignNow allows users to enter their electronic signature once, and then be guided to automatically add that signature to any required signing fields. See the example below for more details:

SignNow ensures e-signature validity.

With SignNow, our e-signature software is backed by SOC 2 Type II Certification, which ensures the security and validity of e-signatures globally. Your e-signature software will always be authentic, unique, and verifiable. Backed by eIDAS and the ESIGN Act of 2000, companies can no longer deny the validity of e-signatures. In fact, e-signatures are just as legally accepted and equally valid as physical, wet signatures. SignNow’s e-signatures are legally acceptable, and all electronic documents are legally-binding.

Choose the path to better onboarding.

By enabling SignNow’s e-signature solution at your organization, you can take advantage of our built-in e-signature features to better improve your employee onboarding process and limit the demands of HR personnel. SignNow makes employee onboarding more organized, efficient, and productive by implementing innovative e-signature software designed to work with all types of documents, including I-9, NDA, and W-9 forms.

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