Why SignNow’s the Best E-Signature App for Android

With SignNow’s e-signature app for Android, you can fill and sign documents directly from your Android phone. The Android app allows you to import Word documents, PDFs, or photos, and then sign and send them back… no printing or wasted paper required!

SignNow’s e-signature app for Android is the fastest and simplest way to get documents signed and managed from your Android phone or tablet. Featured among 2016’s best e-signature apps for Android on Google Play, SignNow allows Android users to access all documents in one platform.

SignNow is perfect for sending and signing documents for any industry, such as Human Resources or Real Estate. SignNow allows workers, buyers, or managers to send and sign all important documents, including NDAs, invoices, financial agreements, work orders, loans, or company policy forms. In addition, SignNow’s app for Android includes features such as self-signing, in-person signing, and remote signing, allowing users to sign documents themselves or collect signatures in-person with customers.

SignNow’s app for Android also features offline signing, which allows paperwork to be filled even when you’re disconnected from the internet. Legally binding and fully secure, SignNow’s Android app is compliant with ESIGN Act and eIDAS. Just like SignNow’s iOS app or web app, SignNow’s Android app provides an SSL encryption for all documents sent and stored.

What’s more, signing documents is completely free with SignNow on Android! There’s no limit to the amount of documents signed. Plus, Android users can manage and view their sent, signed, and uploaded documents on SignNow’s new grid view. This provides an organized overview of a user’s documents list, in addition to a document’s signing view.

Start your free trial with SignNow’s e-signature app on Android by downloading SignNow for Android on Google Play. Or, visit SignNow’s corporate site to learn more about SignNow’s e-signature features.

For more information on how to use SignNow on Android, visit SignNow’s University page.

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