Why SignNow was Named ‘Best Electronic Signature App in 2017’

SignNow was recently named the Best Electronic Signature App in 2017, beating out other top e-signature vendors in a side-by-side comparison done by Fit Small Business. Based on criteria like advanced feature options, pricing, compliance, and mobile app, the review dubbed SignNow as the best value for e-signature apps for small businesses.

So, what makes SignNow stand out from the rest?

SignNow offers unique advanced features

Along with standard features, such as unlimited document sending, shareable templates, custom branding, document groups and others, SignNow offers completely unique features, such as magic fields and signing links, on its platform.

  • Magic fields automatically add signature fields and text boxes to appropriate sections on a document, taking out the menial tasks of placing them by hand.
  • Signing links allow users to create a link to a template that can be distributed to others. Once recipients click the link, they will be able to sign a fresh copy of the document.

While other e-signature solutions offer similar traditional features, SignNow stands apart from the crowd with its specialized functions.

SignNow is affordable

Just because you’re getting more from SignNow than other e-signature services, doesn’t mean you have to pay more. For unlimited document sending and unlimited templates, SignNow’s Business tier costs only $5 per user per month. For this level service, other vendors can charge up to double the price, while capping the number of documents able to be sent. To customize branding on documents, utilize conditional fields, group documents, and send signing links, users can upgrade to the Business Premium tier for $15 per month. The Enterprise tier has customizable pricing options for businesses and offers advanced features such as API integrations and Advanced Threat Protection. SignNow offers the most advanced features for the lowest price.

SignNow offers full compliance

E-signature platforms are as legally binding as traditional wet signatures, thanks to the passing of the ESIGN Act of 2000. While other e-signature vendors often offer UETA and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, SignNow is the only platform to also offer Single Sign On (SSO) compliance, with its enterprise tier. SignNow makes sure every document and every signature is 100% compliant.

SignNow’s mobile app was rated #1 in Apple App Store

SignNow’s mobile app was rated #1 in the App Store due to its ease-of-use and intuitive signing process. Users have the ability to create, send, and sign documents right from their mobile tablet or smartphone.

SignNow aims to make the signing process as easy and affordable as possible for its users, and it shows. While Fit Small Business’ review of SignNow highlighted its value for small businesses in particular, SignNow’s scalability makes it equally as valuable for enterprise businesses. G2 Crowd, a business solutions review platform, revealed the top 25 enterprise software products and SignNow was ranked the #1 e-signature product based on user reviews.

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